Rare spring snow coats Kingman<BR>

Area residents experienced what may be considered a rare sight Tuesday – snowfall three weeks into the spring.

Pinion Pine Fire Department received 2.5 inches of snow Tuesday morning, but most had melted off by the late afternoon, Capt.

Joe Jackson said.

The station is situated at an elevation of 5,000 feet in the Hualapai Mountains.

Hualapai Mountain Park Ranger Station at an altitude of 6,300 feet received about six inches of snow, ranger Shawn Blackburn said.

The snow ended around 3:30 p.m.

Tuesday and roads were open this morning, he added.

Art Fuller, Region III game specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, recorded .32 inches of precipitation in his rain gauge in Kingman.

He said that is equivalent to two inches of wet snow.

Golden Valley received two to three inches of snow with the heavier accumulations at the east end of the valley, Capt.

Rudy Barboa of the Golden Valley Fire Department said.

The inclement weather forced cancellation of blasting on the Route 68 design-and-build project, according to a press release from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

However, motorists are advised blasting is scheduled from 8 p.m.

to 10 p.m.

Thursday between mileposts 7 and 13 with the highway closed in that area during those two hours.

"The jet stream has dropped further south than normal for this time of year and brought colder air with it," Charlie Schott, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, said.

"It should clear out by Thursday with temperatures back into the 50s and for Easter weekend it looks like Kingman can expect temperatures in the 70s and dry weather."

A cold storm dropped down through southern Nevada and was centered over western Arizona on Tuesday morning.

Although moving at a good clip, it carried the potential to drop three to four inches of snow at higher elevations and two to four inches in Kingman, Schott said.

Randy Cerveny, professor of geography with Arizona State University, said snow was expected to touch the outskirts of Phoenix on Tuesday.

"There's a very deep trough of low pressure over us and it brought in an unusually cold air mass," Cerveny said.

"On Monday night, a storm tapped into sub-tropical moisture and it's so cold that the air doesn't hold much moisture, so as it meets the moisture from the tropics it has to leak out.

That means snow around Kingman and rain in the valley."

Phoenix normally has temperatures in the 80s during the second week of April, but it was in the low 50s Tuesday morning, Cerveny said.

Kingman normally gets into the 60s this time of year with an average overnight low of 44, according to information supplied by the Arizona State University Office of Climatology.

"Another impulse will come through Kingman on Thursday, which should give another chance for snow before the Easter weekend when it warms up dramatically," Cerveny said.