Police to keep eye on schools

It's that time of year again of noisy schoolyards, familiar yellow buses picking up and dropping off school children and harried parents.

In the age of school violence, the Kingman Police Department will be stepping up safety measures with a sterner eye on the city's schools.

One of the hot topics in today's society is dealing with bullies.

Bullies have played a role in a number of school shootings in recent years.

KPD school resource officer Stacey Holloway advises students to report any kind of bullying to a teacher, an anonymous tip line like Mohave Silent Witness or a trusted friend.

Students are not allowed to bring any weapons of any kind to school, not even a pocketknife, Holloway said.

"There is zero tolerance to weapons offenses, drug and alcohol related incidents, sexual harassment and bullying," she said.

Bringing personal items, like a compact disc player that can be stolen, also does not belong in school anyway, she said.

Parents driving kids to school and other motorists should be alert around school buses.

The law requires vehicles to stop in either direction when a school bus has its red lights flashing.

Watch for children running out into the street, she said.

School bus drivers are responsible for 30 or more students.

If a driver asks students who are passengers to do something, the student should listen to them, Holloway said.

Children who get home after school before parents should let them know where they will be at all times.

"Don't let your peers convince you that it will be all right for you to go with them for just a little while," Holloway said.

Student's behavior will also be monitored at after-school events like dances or football games.

"Remember that the choices that you make while you are at after-school activities will not only effect your education but will effect your family as well," Holloway said.