City to help Kier Street cleanup<BR>

The city of Kingman will place trash containers on Kier Street beginning Jan.

11 to help the residents with a community-wide cleanup operation.

Abatement Officer Carl Allen said the area cleanup was the outcome of a complaint received about the area.

He said the city assistance would allow all residents to bring their property into compliance with city codes.

Trash containers will be removed by the city as they fill and will be replaced until Jan.


"Residents are strongly encouraged to utilize this opportunity to bring their property into compliance with city codes," Allen said.

As the Kingman city code enforcement officer, Allen will deal with individual cases of noncompliance after the cleanup is completed.

The city will have some equipment and limited manpower available to help the residents.

Allen told the city council that this approach should clean up the area with less cost to either the residents or the city.

Junk vehicles are a special focus of this cleanup.

Any inoperable vehicle or unregistered and properly licensed vehicle is likely to fit under the junk vehicle definition in the city code and be required to be moved.

Vehicles that are being stored or restored or repaired for longer than ten days must be stored out of sight according to definitions in the city code.

The city code prohibits anyone to store, accumulate or maintain garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish, litter or junk that is visible from beyond the lot boundaries, Allen said.

The city code allows the city to remove junk vehicles and any thing defined in the garbage, trash and litter code and place a lien on the property for the cost of removal.

Allen said the city has been able to get cooperation from the vast majority of homeowners in the first year of his employment as abatement officer.

In only two or three cases have the city had to do the cleanup and charge the property owner.

Property owners in the Kier Street area south of the railroad downtown can call Allen at the Kingman Police Department at 753-2191 for information or assistance.

"This is a great opportunity for the Kier Street residents," Allen said.

"I strongly urge them to utilize it."