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4:57 PM Fri, Dec. 14th

Marvin's Window: Homeless need help now

I looked out my window dreaming about a romantic Valentine's Day column.

It seemed like the perfect column coming out in this week of candy, flowers, hearts and romance.

I was startled to see a young couple with two very small children with no window at all!

Living on love alone seems to be a myth that is a hard sell to the water, gas and electric companies.

They want cash deposits before anything is turned on.

I had forgotten how many dollars I needed for deposits when I moved to Kingman.

They were a lot more than the rent.

As I listened to the young couple, with tell me why they were in the dire situation, I found many things I thought they should have done differently.

Then, I remembered things I have done that were questionable.

I decided, no matter what the reason or the why, the situation remains the same and must be changed.

A young family with two little ones needs help now.

The "why" does not really matter.

Not only do they not have any windows, the car they have slept in part of the time has no windshield.

A tree fell on it.

If they had a windshield, a volunteer would put it in.

I remembered that cliché, "If I did not have bad luck, I would have no luck at all!"

Without the car, he cannot get to his job.

He does want to work and the couple will find a way out of the current problems.

In the meantime, a hand up is needed desperately.

I have been told that the agencies that dispense government help run out of money at the beginning of each month.

I was told folks line up before daylight to be one of the lucky ones to get an application filed before the money runs out.

It makes little difference for this couple.

The problem demands a solution sooner than the next line forms.

Most of the local efforts to help the homeless concentrate on helping those stranded in Kingman move on.

Help is given to contact relatives or to get them to a destination where more help can be found.

This young man was born in Kingman.

He has a place for his family if the deposits can be made, the car fixed so he can get to work and some windows can be found to keep the wind out of the dwelling.

With a helping hand, this family will make it out of the windowless situation.

Their needs will be met as they get established and put in the windows.

By next Valentine's Day, they can look out there own window.

Several groups in Kingman work with the homeless and another homeless shelter is in the planning stages.

Help is on the way.

That is not as encouraging if you happen to be hungry and cold today.

I know some people are easier to help than others.

I know there always seems to be a good reason not to help.

As I listen to the stories from those on the frontlines helping homeless people in Kingman, I am ecstatic that I am not doing the same work.

It takes patience, a good sense of humor and much tolerance to work with limited resources to help folks who seem not to want to be helped.

A judgmental attitude must be left out of the mix.

I have been writing about homeless issues since I came to Kingman.

The more I learn, the less I understand.

Kingman and Mohave County does have some emergency services.

Churches and other groups do try to help.

I hesitate to name any of the churches, agencies, organizations and individuals that do care and give assistance because I would leave someone out.

I applaud all of you.

It seems to me that Kingman has a basic supply problem with affordable, low rent housing.

As far I as I know, there is no public housing in the area other than rental assistance.

I have been told that the senior living list is rather long.

After a decade of high employment and prosperity, the homeless problem persists.

I believe the citizens of Kingman care enough and are intelligent enough to find both short range and long-range solutions.

Is decent housing for every resident a goal we can endorse?