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11:45 PM Mon, Nov. 12th

Cabbages and Kings: Kingman may have its woes, but it's home

I've decided to turn over a new leaf.

Look for the silver lining.

And use any other trite expression I can think of to announce a change.

Cherished readers, you've put up with my rantings about the Mohave County Board of Supervisors and the Mohave County government - or lack of it.

You've thrown you paper down in anger as I railed at Butler residents about the condition of their neighborhoods.

You've written steaming letters to the editor taking me to task about my unkind remarks directed at former President Bill Clinton.

If you are a member of the chamber of commerce, you probably cussed me out in absentia after I penned that piece about a tour bus traveling through Kingman.

Not this week, though.

I am going to change my stripes.

I am going to write a positive column if it kills me.

Here goes ..

Mohave County has the Colorado River's recreation opportunities along with its drunks, dangerous watercraft operators and ….

wait a minute! This is a positive column!

We also have, superb hunting and fishing, and spectacular sunsets even though it's hard to see them sometimes while you're busy picking up trash from the desert … there I go again.

Somebody stop me!

I spent last weekend (my weekends are Sundays and Mondays) in Laughlin, Mohave County's kissin' casino cousin across the river in Nevada.

We Mohave Countians are also lucky to have Laughlin so close.

The casinos employ thousands of Mohave County residents .

They also provide everyone in Kingman over age 21 with an adult Disneyland little more than a half-hour away.

In Mohave County, it really is possible to: play in the snow of the Hualapais in the morning, jump in the family SUV and spend the afternoon on a Jet Ski or sunning yourself at the river, and that evening, catch a Wayne Newton concert.

And every once in a while someone from Mohave County strikes it rich with royal flush, or a lucky pull on a slot machine.

Compared to Bullhead City, Kingman is usually a sleepy little place.

Even my Butler neighborhood is generally quiet.

Until the guy with the Harley revs up his motor at 6 a.m.

Or the neighborhood dogs begin barking at mysterious creatures in middle of the night.

Or the thumping bass of $10,000 car stereo systems brings unwanted rappers into my living room.

Oops, there I go again! Sorry ...

If you think we have it bad here, just drive out to Southern California and its smog.

I am not going to bash Southern California this time out but I will say that I am really glad to return to Kingman after being there for a weekend.

I can see the mountains and the stars fill up our night-time sky.

That is until the black helicopters and UFOs begin to obstruct our view.

Commerce? Here in Kingman we have what is rapidly becoming the Southwest's large strip shopping center (Stockton Hill Road).

Our medical community is rivaling Sun City's.

And that's a good thing.

If you don't believe me, try getting sick in places like Ludlow, Calif.

The ambulance bill alone would push you over the edge!

Terry Organ once wrote that we could make this great place even better with a minor league baseball team.

I agree, Terry.

Here's my plan: Build the team's stadium in Oatman and that way, Kingman and Lake Havasu City won't have to squabble again about who gets what.

As an added bonus, part of the proceeds from the first season could be used to build the county government complex.

Where's Jerry Colangelo when we really need him?

* * *

There's a rotten Cabbage in the closet for the gremlin who made our reporter think Buster Johnson voted against the county sheriff's headquarters site at the last board of supervisors meeting.

This evil critter climbs into microphones and even our ears to distort the words and flees in glee when we print what we thought we heard.

He hangs out wherever reporters gather the news, so beware!

I'll hand out a well-deserved King to Griffith Energy Project for its funding of Kingman's first-ever Festival of Lights! Trouble is, by the time Christmas comes around we'll be too broke from paying our electric bills to afford to leave the Christmas lights on.

Still, Griffith didn't cause the rates to rise and thus, is truly deserving of the crown.

Greg Bucci is the Miner's news editor.