Organic Matter: Resolutions swapped for wish list

People tend to make New Year's resolutions and do so with the best of intentions.

Those resolutions often are to quit smoking or drinking, to lose weight, or get rid of some bad habit.

I have made my share of resolutions with mixed results in the past, so I am skipping resolutions in favor of a "wish" list for 2001.

Here it is:

• Seeing homeless people holding up signs for help near the entrances to Interstate-40 is very sobering and makes me count my blessings.

I hope that more of these down-on-their-luck individuals will find homes and work in 2001.

• May the transition be smooth and the new Kingman Unified School District be clicking on all cylinders when it begins operating July 1.

I have covered the story since the latest unification effort between the Mohave Union High School District and Kingman Elementary School District began in January 1998.

MUHSD Superintendent Mike Ford and Vince DeJong, then superintendent of the KESD, attended numerous meetings with legislators and others trying to pave the way for K-12 school districts in Arizona.

It is good to know their work was not in vain and children will benefit from an aligned curriculum of one large district.

• New prescription drugs seem to be coming on the market each year.

But the problem with any drug, new or old, is each has some unwelcome side effect by itself and if a patient is on several prescription drugs the interaction among them can make life miserable.

Why can't somebody begin making drugs that have no side effects whatsoever and don't interact with each other to create additional problems?

• Maybe 2001 will be the year when the Miner newsroom gets new digital cameras.

We have been using Kodak digitals for over two years and wear-and-tear have taken their toll on all of them.

If the budget does not permit the purchase of new ones, reporters would still appreciate repair of the present digitals.

A few 32-megabyte discs would be welcome, too.

• New business construction in the I-40 industrial corridor, at the airport and on Kingman Regional Medical Center are proof the city is growing.

I think it's about time for someone to begin looking into the possibility of securing a minor league sports franchise for the community, although it would likely have to be baseball.

A team could conceivably play games at Centennial Park until such time as a stadium could be funded and built (though county budget problems tend to suggest my idea is no more than wishful thinking).

True, we have the Boys & Girls Club, and Cerbat Lanes with its bowling and arcade, but that's about it as far as things available year-round.

I doubt local residents would say no to another entertainment option, even one that would just be for the spring and summer months, so long as tickets were reasonably priced.

• I have caller ID at home as I like to know who is phoning before I pick up.

But many out-of-county calls come up as "Unknown Name, Unknown Number" or "Private Name, Private Number" on the ID box, so I never know who will be on the other end of the line.

I have an unpublished number, partly because I do not want any sales solicitations but I get my share of them anyway.

I would like technology to go one step further and offer me a phone whereby if some pesky salesman intrudes on my privacy I can push a button and it transmits something unwelcome that he will remember forever, like the odor of skunk coming out of his receiver.

• Something I have wished for in the past that never came to pass is still on my list and that is for city and state officials to collaborate on getting the traffic lights timed along Stockton Hill Road so drivers don't get stopped at every light during daylight hours.

The state is responsible for the lights on either side of I-40 at the off ramps, while the city regulates everything else.

A number of traffic lights have been added around town since the wife and I moved here in late 1996, which is further evidence of how the community has grown.

They include those at the intersections of Stockton Hill Road and Club Avenue, Stockton Hill Road and Kino Avenue, and Airway Avenue and Harrison Street/Willow Road.

A much-needed four-way stop sign also has been put in at Gordon Drive and Willow Road.

Happy New Year to one and all.

Terry Organ is the Miner's education, health and weather reporter.