Marvin's Window: Women changing workplace, society

I pulled the blinds and peeked out between the slats this week.

There is a rumor that someone else at the Miner has been looking out my window.

Pappy, my live-in Maine Coon cat, was really agitated last week.

I knew he was trying to tell me something but I do not understand "cat talk" very well.

Guess he was trying to tell me we had a visitor!

When I sneaked a peak out between the slats of the blinds, I saw girls everywhere.

I opened the door and checked to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Yes, the area was full of young ladies!

Those Arizona State University professors may be right.

They said gifted girls are taking over the reins from boys.

Professors Barbara Kerr and Sanford Cohn say smart girls are taking over school leadership roles, regulating smart boys to the sidelines.

They said, nationally, 80 percent of student council members are girls.

When girls rule, boys step aside.

Is that what has happened in Arizona state government? With the top five state positions filled by women, will adult men drop out of politics in the state? Or, did the boys drop out back in high school and relinquish the leadership roles to the girls.

More than one politician has begun a career getting elected to school offices.

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