Store a fantasyland of dolls and collectables

Entering JB Dolls and Collectibles store for the first time can be akin to stepping through the looking glass with Alice into "Wonderland."

Yet, most people in Kingman are surprised that the store at 4105 N.

Bank St.

actually exists.

"We have more tourists than local residents who find the store," said Nora Speer , owner and manager.

"The Chamber of Commerce does a good job letting tourists know where we are."


Dolls offers more than collectibles and dolls.

A "baby room" has a wide variety of items for the newborn to 24-month-old baby, including a baby register.

Among the furniture, clothing, toys and other baby items, customers will still find collectible dolls.

Special pictures, including an animated, 3-D Winnie the Pooh, are designed to be a starting point for decorating a baby's room.

The room includes some dolls that feel a lot like the real thing and could be used as practice for new fathers learning to hold that first offspring.

The home decorating room includes a variety of small furniture, baskets, collectibles, pictures, and figurines in a number of themes to fit the individual taste.

"We keep prices reasonable for quality decorating," Speer said.

"We limit our markups to give good pricing for Kingman customers."

The collectibles include prices ranging from a few dollars to some items past $1,000.

Customers could be surprised at the range of options for birthday and holiday gifts.

For instance: G.I.

Joe collectibles include military replicas of people in uniform and some historic events that could fit both veteran military and youthful collector tastes.

Small jewelry, Harry Potter items, Pokemon and Magic Alice dolls with books and clothes add to the variety.

But, it is the dolls and Nora Speer's lifetime interest in making them that provides the character that makes J.B.S.

Dolls and Collectibles a unique business.

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