Kingman business finds Colombian brides for American men<BR>Part I of III

Bob Summers wants to be sure you understand one thing: "There's no such thing as a mail order bride."

That said, he talks openly about the business he took over four years ago.

It's an unusual business (finding Colombian brides for American men) operating from an implausible location (his house in a rural subdivision outside of Kingman).

Summers started International Connections four years ago and says his work has resulted in nearly 50 marriages.

His story is more one of an entrepreneur than that of a matchmaker.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 Summers saw an opportunity to import goods from Russia.

He hopped on the first plane to Moscow and began buying night vision equipment from the Russian Army, importing the equipment to the United States and marketing it over the Internet.

Business boomed for a while but then the market began to go soft.

Through a customer in Bogotá, Colombia, he heard about the international marriage business.

Again, he hopped on the first plane out of town and, four years ago, made the first of many trips to Bogotá.

He was sold on the businesses immediately.

Why? "There are a lot of good men in this country and a lot of good ladies in Colombia," Summers said.

He saw it as an opportunity to run a profitable business while making people happy.

He calls Colombian women "happy and upbeat" and thinks they make good partners for American men.

They are not, he stresses, on drugs.

The drug problem in Colombia, he said, is the dealers and manufacturers, not addicts.

Summers is able to operate his business from his Kingman area home thanks to the word market access of the Internet.

Advertisements placed in periodicals ranging from American Cowboy to the Kingman Daily Miner direct potential customers to his website.

His web page describes his services, lists prices and contains a sampling of photographs of available Colombian women.

Customers can also visit his home office to view photographs and review profiles.