Drag racers to burn rubber in Kingman

Hot rod enthusiasts are ready to race their cars in Kingman's first street drags from 6 p.m.

to 11 p.m.

Saturday on Burbank Street.

"We have worked two to three years to get this chance," said Kayelynn Johnson, a member of the sponsoring Wings and Wheels.

Event chairman Brian DeVincenzi said all street legal cars are invited to the event.

Some of the cars from the Fun Run are expected to participate.

Most of the cars are expected to be owned by people who just want to see what their car will do in an official timing.

Johnson and he and Bill Webber will bring their locally owned and built drag racing vehicles for exhibition runs to give spectators a look at competition drag race cars.

Johnson has a dragster he built and runs in the super comp class.

He has been working on the car for the past four years and continues as he runs it in competitions, mostly in Las Vegas.

The 441 cubic inch Chrysler engine is a little too fast for the class and has turned a fast run of 8.31 seconds or 161 miles per hour.

"The class has a limit of 8.9 second maximum speed for a run," Johnson said.

"I would be disqualified with an 8.3 second run."

Johnson said he will burn a lot of rubber off the slick tires Saturday night to entertain the spectators and because the street has no rubber on it yet.

The track in Las Vegas has a rubber coating from tires in previous runs and gives better traction.

Some cars will come from other area drag racing groups, Johnson said.

Las Vegas cars should help make it a great show for a first street drag racing event in Kingman, he said.

The Kingman City Council, in approving the event, made it clear that approval was for a single event as apart of the Route 66 Fun run activities and not the beginning of regular offering of street drag racing on city streets.

Johnson said the fastest growing sports in America involve autos.

Wings and Wheels officials expect a good turnout but have not yet settled on a number as entries are just starting to come in.

A group from Holbrook will provide a set of timing lights for the local event.

Wings and Wheels members will set up the barriers and bleachers used each year at the Kingman Air and Auto Show.

The Centennial Park area on Burbank Street will include both the bleachers and the pit area where owners will prepare cars for their run.

Spectator admission is free; car owners will pay a $20 entry fee.

Parking for spectators will be on the Harrison Street side of Centennial Park and in the Kingman Academy of Learning parking lot.

"We will follow all the National Hot Rod Association safety rules," Johnson said.

"Each entry will must pass the technical inspection prior to running."

Wings and Wheels members participate in drag races in other areas, mostly in Las Vegas, and are looking for a site to build a drag race track in the Kingman area.

The street event will give them a measure of local interest in drag racing.