Talent-level high during Dolphins' tryouts

Kasie Juelfs was encouraged by what she saw Saturday at Dolphins swim team try-outs.

The Dolphins coach would have liked to have had more than 23 swimmers attend the try-outs held at Centennial Pool, but she was pleased by the swimmersí performances.

"We saw a lot of great potential with the younger kids who tried out," Juelfs said.

"Some years it's not like that.

One after another we saw competitive freestyle strokes with speed."

Dolpin-hopefuls were required to swim 50 meters of freestyle and of those who tried out Saturday, 19 made the team.

Once a swimmer is on the team, he or she doesnít try out again.

"If the technique is sloppy, that doesn't matter," Juelfs said.

"If technique is there, it usually takes about a week to correct their stroke."

Juelfs blames the low turn-out on not getting the information on try-outs out to the schools, as the program has in the past.

She said, however, that a swimmer can tryout for the team any time during the summer season by going to Centennial Pool during practice.

"We welcome swimmers any time they want to tryout," Juelfs said.

Juelfs said she's had more junior high- and high school-age swimmers join the Dolphins in preparation for Kingman High School's first-year swim team, which will be a fall sport.

"Weíve had a lot of previous Dolphins come back because they want to try-out for the high school team," Juelfs said.

"I told them they better be out for the Dolphins if they want to try-out for the high school team.

"The Dolphin swimmers will clearly have an advantage."

Typically, the 9-10 and 11-12 year-old groups have been the largest.

Juelfs said it will be nice to have larger groups in the older divisions.

The Dolphins recently concluded a month-and-a-half of preseason training at the Wellness Center.

Juelfs said about 30-40 swimmers trained regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The team started its regular season last week at Centennial Park and will move to morning practices May 29.

She anticipates the team to have about 100 swimmers, which is how many the Dolphins had last year.