Marvins Window: World Series a sign of emotional rebound

I looked out my window this weekend at a city and state focused on the World Series and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The hysteria in the state, even in Kingman, is a good sign that America is rebounding.

The country is always underestimated.

So are the Diamondbacks.

I really saw red when I read comments about the Arizona team as a "bunch of old geezers." One so-called television sports expert could not say enough bad things about the "ageing and ineffective" Diamondback bullpen.

I am kind of an old geezer myself and I took those comments personally!

Even that old geezer, Michael Jordan, took some time in the NBA before he became the dominating player on a championship NBA basketball team.

I expect Jordan will be unstoppable this season, even though he is approaching 40.

To me, he is still a youngster!

The Yankees have an old geezer or two in their lineup, too.

Roger Clemens may win another Cy Young award this year, but he is just as old as Randy Johnson and Curt Shilling! Besides, Clemens has a sore hamstring and has not won any games for a while.

Maybe that is why Joe Torre held him for the third game.

The Braves have some great pitchers who are not as young as they were when they won Cy Young awards.

The Diamondbacks hitters did not show Maddox and Glavine much respect.

Satchel Paige was so old when he finally reached the majors that few people could remember when he was born.

I am not sure anyone ever established his age for sure.

He had pitched in the Negro Leagues for many years before going to the majors.

I have often wondered what kind of record the man would have established if he had been allowed to pitch in the major leagues in his prime.

He was still an effective old geezer.

It took Barry Bonds a lot of years in the major leagues before he hit a record 73 home runs.

Do some ball players, like wine, improve with age?

When Chrysler was in deep trouble a few years ago and dependent on loans from the federal government to survive, age, and the experience that comes with age, helped turn the company around.

Management recalled retired car designers from Chrysler and Ford.

New models were designed and built in half the time usual in the industry.

The new models were good sellers.

Grandma Robertson Moses did not begin her painting career until her eyesight began to fail so her needlework was no longer possible.

Some of her best work came after she passed 100.

I visit a Mohave Community College painting class in Golden Valley full of painters who would be termed "old geezers" by that sportscaster.

He would be amazed at the talent and enthusiasm of these people who finally have time to paint and create good art.

I belong to an active group of Kingman area singles that will probably drum me out of the club for including them in this column.

More than 100 members of the Mohave Singles keep active with a long list of interesting events.

They keep several local dance spots in business, fly kites, bowl, eat a lot, exercise, volunteer in the community and live life to the fullest.

They share this attitude with all singles over 55 who want to meet new people and live a full life.

The costumes at the annual Mohave Singles Halloween party this week were great!

The Sept.

11 attack and the subsequent events have shown me the value of age and experience in another way.

It is comforting to me to know that leaders who won the Gulf War and have long experience in diplomacy and defense are leading this country.

The Bush administration had very little time to get the training wheels off and meet two major challenges.

The spy plane standoff with China and the fight to eliminate terrorists around the worlds require knowledge and abilities that are developed with age and experience.

If that sportscaster has such a problem with old geezers, I have a suggestion for him.

If he should ever need open-heart surgery, we will find a surgical intern to operate.

Let's hear it for the old geezers with the Diamondbacks! May they make Arizona and Yankee haters everywhere happy by ending the New York World Series win streak.

May the Diamondbacks make all old geezers proud!

As Rodney Dangerfield would say, "We get no respect."