Webber races to a second-place finish

Bill Webber missed win a division title by one win.

The 32-year-old Kingman resident finished in second-place Sunday during the National Hot Rod Association Mogul Division 7 finals at the strip in Las Vegas.

"Going into the finals we were in second place," Webber said.

"We knew that we had to go more rounds than the first place guy and see what happens.

The dragster was running perfectly and you couldn't ask for anything more.

In the second round I broke out because I was a little late and we were disqualified for going to fast.

I had to push the limit."

Mogul Division 7, which includes, California, Arizona and Utah.

"We were just going for a divisional title," Webber said.

"We weren't going for a national title.

We don't have the time and the money to go for a national title.

We have seven races total in the Division 7 series."

Webber drives in a 235-inch blow alcohol dragster that has a .377 cubic inch small block Chevy motor.

"We won the first round and the guy that was in first lost the first round and so we knew that we needed to win one more time," Webber said.

In 1999 Webber finished in second and third last year.

"I have been running that series for three years," Webber said.

"I have been doing it locally for about 10 years.

I'm not really disappointed getting second because there has been around 130 cars in that class during the year.

I wanted first, but getting second place is a pretty big accomplish."

Dean Hall of Napa Valley, Calif., won the title and Scott Wells of Phoenix finished in third.

"This is the first time that he won the division," Webber said.

"He definitely has the money advantage."

During the day, Webber is the owner of Sure Way Auto and Machine.

Webber also got help this year from Kaylyn Johnson, Rob Allan and Clint Zumwalt.

"We put Scott's whole car together at the shop," Webber said.

"It is kind of cool that he got third and we finished in second.

We help a lot of others, but he is the only one that does divisional series.

The rest race down in Phoenix and they just do it locally.

Scott is the first one that actually travels that we have helped."

Webber won't slow down.

"I will keep on doing it and we will try again next year," Webber said.

"We will be in the same everything.

I will probably keep on doing it till my kids get old enough to do it."

Webber said the Division 7 series won't start up again till March 1.

"We will continue to do some practice races in Tucson and Phoenix to get ready for Division 7," Webber said.