Donations down but need is up at Kingman food bank

The Arnold Charitable Trust in Kingman donated $1,500 to the Kingman Area Food Bank Wednesday helping to meet local needs.

Food bank volunteers said they are thankful for the donation and hope others in the community remember them during this season of need.

"We need people to continue support of local programs like the Food Bank," Arnold Buss, vice president of the food bank, said.

"People in our area still need food."

Bobbi Voss presented the check on behalf of the Arnold Charitable Trust.

Buss said the Kingman Area Food Bank gets much of the food distributed locally from the West Side Food Bank in Phoenix.

But donations to charitable groups in the Phoenix area are reportedly down since the Sept.

11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington.

"Our orders from Phoenix have been cut in half since September and that leaves us short of food in Kingman," Buss said.

"We need extra local funding to make up the difference just to stay even.

The Phoenix group gets food from gleaners and donations from large corporations."

In addition to more local money and food donations, the Kingman Area Food Bank needs more space to serve the local needs.

Buss said the organization has been writing grants and looking for other funding sources to build a larger facility.

"We need more food and more space to store and distribute the food to feed more and more people," he said.

The food bank provides a variety of nutritious foods boxed for families and individuals.

"We do not distribute special holiday food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas," Buss said.

"Local churches and service organizations take care of holiday food giving needs."

The current facility that houses the food bank is provided by the city and is located on city land.

Buss said that made it difficult to fund an expansion of the facility.

The city has been cooperating with the food bank to find ways to expand the facility or provide land for a new building.

Buss said the food bank served 20 to 25 per week two years ago.

Now, 40 people come each week.

The Kingman Area Food Bank is open from 9 a.m.

to 1 p.m.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1020 Buchanan St.

near the Little League fields in downtown Kingman.

Voss said the she could see the need for food assistance increase over time with the growth of the city.

"Mohave County and Kingman have had rapid growth and we should expect the food bank needs to grow at the same time," Voss said.

"We also have a continued need to help feed the transients who come through Kingman.