Marvins Window: U.S. dependence on Arab oil puts us at risk

As I looked out my truck window returning from the Las Vegas airport Sunday, I was thankful for a safe flight and not yet aware of the Monday morning crash in New York.

I was thinking back to a time when there were no security checks at U.S.

airports and no airplane had been hijacked in this country.

All this looking back was triggered by a Saturday walk down the aisle of a church in Lansing, Mich.

I followed by daughter walking beside her husband.

She was on the arm of one of my grandsons, by oldest son's youngest boy.

The walk was the beginning of the wedding of her son, the fourth of my grandchildren to marry.

I had walked my daughter down that same aisle a lot of years ago when she was the first of my children to marry.

We wonder now who had the wobbliest knees at that time.

Soon after that first wedding in the 1970s, hijackings were in the news a lot.

We began security checks in our airports because people got tired of taking off for Dallas and ending up in Cuba!

Check out the movie, Flight to Entebbe, about the hijacking of a plane bound for Israel that ended up in Uganda.

The Israeli response is well told in the movie about the daring rescue of the passengers from Entebbe by Israeli Special Forces.

The characterization of Ugandan dictator Adi Amin would have been comical under other circumstances.

The "evil ones" even hijacked a cruise ship in the Mediterranean where an American in a wheel chair lost his life.

Later, we had the aircraft blown up over Scotland by a bomb planted in the luggage.

It took a long time to get those responsible away from Libya and to trial.

The profile of terrorism for the past 30 years has an obvious common pattern.

One of the top commanders with the current group was convicted of killing Egyptian president Sadat and served a THREE-year sentence!

The names of the countries have shifted over the past 30 years but the many of the names are the same.

The most common and consistent name is not the group headed by Osama bin Laden.

For much of these 30 years the best-known names were Gadhafi and Arafat!

Arafat spent a lot of time in Libya with Gadhafi and his terrorists before returning to Palestine and winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

The last Middle East war was in 1973 when many Arab nations around Israel attacked on the religious holiday, Yom Kippur.

That was the war when Israel captured Jerusalem and took over the areas we now call the West Bank.

That was also the end of a series of attacks on Israel beginning in 1948 when the United Nations established the country as a place for Jewish people to establish a homeland after WW II.

No country wanted the Jewish settlers after WW II, including the U.S.

Check out a copy of the movie, Exodus, for an excellent review of the beginnings of Israel and the reasons for establishment of the country.

The remainder of the area west of the Jordan River was to be a Palestinian state in 1948 but they would not accept the right for Israel to exist.

Following the 1973 defeat of the Arab nations by Israel, the strategy changed to terrorism that escalated into the events of Sept.


The Camp David talks with Carter, Begin and Sadat led to the famous trip by Sadat to Jerusalem and the recognition by Egypt of Israel and their right to be a state.

To date, Egypt is virtually alone among Arab countries that have recognized Israel.

Check out a copy of the movie, SADAT, and you will have a good understanding of that portion of history in this terrorism saga that escalated after 1973.

More than safety in the U.S.

is on the line with this War on Terrorism.

It is a new method of forcing a point of view on the remainder of the world.

It is a kind of diplomacy that begins with a gun pointed at the heads of our women and children.

Is it fair?

That is the wrong question.

It is a form of blackmail and the blackmailer never quits asking for more.

He must be eliminated in such a way that others know the method will not work in a civilized world.

The world had to eliminate Hitler and his ideas of world domination.

The same is true of the terrorist methods and the countries that are backing the terrorists.

They must go.

Their methods must go.

Israel cannot be lost in the process.

If the terrorists' tactics are successful, the world will see more of the same tactics.

As long as the United States remains dependent on Arab oil, we will remain subject to blackmail in the form of high prices, terrorism and wars.

Airport safety, control of bioterrorism, a stable economy and our freedoms are dependent on winning this war.

Then we must change our dependence on Arab oil.

It is our way of life that is at stake.