Organic Matter: Terrorists don't deserve justice

The military portion of our nation's war on terrorism began last week with missile strikes and bombings in Afghanistan.

President George W.

Bush has previously stated that Osama bin Laden, the ringleader of the al-Qaida terrorist network believed responsible for the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, is wanted dead or alive.

In a recent visit to Kingman Junior High School, Gov.

Jane Dee Hull agreed, adding dead would be preferable.

The FBI has now come out with a wanted list of terrorist suspects and rewards for information leading to the capture of them stood at $5 million when the list was first released.

I hope none of the suspects is captured and brought to the United States to stand trial.

Why should they enjoy the legal safeguards built into a society they are trying to destroy?

There have been news reports of some lawyers who would be willing to defend bin Laden.

I suppose it would be quite a career move for those attorneys, but none too popular with the families of terrorist victims.

Where in America could a trial be held that has not been bombarded with the publicity surrounding the attacks of Sept.

11? But let's suppose a fair and impartial jury could be seated.

If acquitted of murder charges, what would those families think about our criminal justice system?

If convicted, a series of appeals would begin that would take years to resolve, so again there is no imminent closure for relatives of the victims.

American aviators began dropping 500-pound bunker buster bombs last week on Taliban troops in an effort to demoralize them.

They were first used during the Gulf War and are designed to penetrate several layers of concrete, so conceivably they could reach al-Qaida members hiding in caves in the countryside of Afghanistan.

I believe I have a better solution for captured terrorists.

It revolves around giving them a dose of their own medicine.

Find a remote location on a high mountaintop with sheer drop offs on all four sides and put them in a cage similar to what you see in a zoo.

That would be an appropriate start since their behavior rivals that of animals.

Equip the cage with a one-way speaker, so they could receive messages but could not reply.

In addition, hook up a panel inside the cage with 10 switches.

Tell the terrorists that one switch will open their door, but it's take your chances with what happens with the other nine.

Depressing any of those other nine switches will start engines on a remote-controlled unmanned jet several hundred miles away and put it in the air headed toward the terrorists.

The first jet needs to have just enough fuel to reach its target while flying at say 600 mph.

As it approaches, terrorists panic and push a second button, which sends the jet crashing into the terrain 1,000 yards away.

One of them pushes another button in search of the one to open the cage.

This time, another jet starts its engines.

It takes off with somewhat more fuel than the first and flies a bit slower at say 400 mph.

Panic sets in again and another button is pushed.

The jet crashes 500 yards away with a bigger fireball explosion than the first.

The chatter in Muslim and Arabic escalates as still another button is depressed, starting the engines of a third and final jet.

This one not only has a full fuel load, but also carries one of the "bunker buster" bombs.

As it approaches the cage, the speaker begins to crackle with chants of "Allah is great," evidently a phrase used as terrorists crashed jets into their targets on Sept.


This time the prisoners refrain from pushing a button in hopes the plane will not slam into their cage.

The jet is flying at whatever the minimum air speed is to avoid stalling, giving everyone plenty of time to contemplate his fate before it strikes anyway.


You're probably wondering what if the terrorists managed to find the button that opened the door before they got this dose of their own medicine?

Well, they're still on a mountaintop with sheer drops in all directions and they have no parachutes.

Let them ask Allah to help them sprout wings and fly away.