GoldenValley incorporation election likely for November

An election to determine whether 24 square miles in Golden Valley should be incorporated will likely appear on the Nov.

6 ballot, Mohave County Elections Director Brad Nelson said.

The election, originally expected to take place in March 2002, will be held on Nov.

6 instead because state law mandates that incorporation measures must appear on the ballot within 180 days after supporters submit petitions to election departments, Nelson said.

March is one month past the 180-day time frame.

Marc Glawson, who heads Incorporate Golden Valley Now 2001, submitted petitions bearing 223 signatures – 36 of which were disqualified – on Aug.


"That was Mr.

Glawson's desire, to have the election in November," Nelson said.

Glawson, a goldsmith/gemologist who has lived in Golden Valley more than 20 years, could not be reached for comment Monday.

Nelson initially planned to seek an election in March, contending he needed a three-month window to have ballots printed and make other preparations.

He said the county supervisors are scheduled to order an election in Golden Valley when they meet next Monday.

Supervisor Buster Johnson, whose District 3 covers Golden Valley, said he will vote to place the incorporation matter on the November ballot and hope it prevails at the polls.

"I think it is really good that it is going to be on the November ballot," Johnson said.

"It's still fresh in the people's minds, and voter turnout should be better.

… Hopefully, it will pass."

Incorporation opponent Virgil Heath Sr., contacted while he and ally Kenneth Fisk visited the County Recorder's Office Monday, said he was surprised to learn that the measure will appear on the ballot in November instead of next March.

"That's what they are going to do," he said.

"We are going to handle it."

Heath, who chairs the Committee for Less Government, said he opposes the latest incorporation drive because he is against higher taxes and more government intrusion.

Glawson has cited benefits such as increased local control and less reliance on a financially strapped county government.

The proposed city follows the boundaries of the Valley Pioneers Water Co.: on the west from Teddy Roosevelt Drive, on the east to U.S.

93, on the north to Agua Fria Drive and the south to Unkar Drive.

He qualified the measure for the ballot because he submitted more than the legally required 180 signatures.

The proposed city has an estimated 1,760 registered voters, according to the voter registration division of the Recorder's Office.

Previous incorporation bids failed at the polls in 1987, 1990 and 1993.

Nelson disqualified another incorporation drive in May 2000 because of glitches in petitions submitted by the late Ted Dost.