Marvins Window: Childish finger pointing won't deflect real blame

As I looked out my window this week and tried to make sense of the events of Sept.

11, the allegations that Israel was somehow responsible for the unimaginable horror I saw as disgusting.

I remembered when my children used a similar strategy.

"He did it," one would say.

"She did it first," he would respond.

Soon they were into a shouting match and pointing fingers at one another.

They hoped to take my focus off the thing they had done and get me into the argument about whom to blame.

The more talk, the less focus on the coming punishment!

Israelis did NOT hijack the planes and fly them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field near Pittsburgh.

Citizens of Israel did not plan or finance the nasty attack on innocent citizens.

All information points to Osama bin Laden and his organization.

I have no doubt that this totally misguided and evil group hates Israel and hates the U.S.

for any support given that country.

To use their hatred of Israel as an excuse for bombing innocent people in the U.S.

just illustrates how far beyond rational and civilized behavior bin Laden's group has gone.

Living together in a diverse world in some kind of civilized manner requires following some common sense rules.

Killing your neighbor is out of bounds.

Killing the other neighbor because he or she supported the wrong person is out of bounds.

Getting off the hook by diverting me by pointing fingers did not work for my children.

Pointing fingers will not distract President George W.

Bush and other world leaders.

The people who stole our planes and used them as bombs on civilian targets will have to pay for the crimes.

Pointing at the Israeli's won't help.

Spending a lot of time trying to understand why these groups hate us won't change much.

Sure, we need to understand them.

The better an enemy is understood, the more effectively they can be fought

We do not need to feel guilty because we do not understand them.

We need to feel the need to understand them so we can defend ourselves.

From the remarks I hear over coffee, at church and at the bowling alley, some of us need a refresher course in history, culture, economics, religion and geography.

That includes me.

I will just share some of the things I have checked out or have experienced.

"The Arabs and Jews have been fighting over there for centuries."

(I apologize in advance for the way the people are referenced, but that is the way the remark always seems to come out.)

The statement is totally false.

Neither Israel nor Palestine existed during most of the past 2000 years.

Rome controlled the Middle East when Christ was born and changed the calendar to BC and AD or CE as Israel would call it.

The CE is Common Era and AD is a Latin term meaning after the birth of Christ.

In 70 AD the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the Israelis were scattered around the world.

The Romans rebuilt Jerusalem from the same plan they used all over the empire with the same street names.

It was destroyed again and the Roman streets are part of the rubble under the old city today.

I walked on an excavated section.

Later, various Arab leaders, then the Ottoman Empire, took over the region and controlled it until the end of WW I in 1918, except for a brief period during the Crusades.

What is left of the Ottoman Empire is now Turkey.

The countries we now know as the Middle East were freed from Ottoman rule and the Allies drew lines in the sand to create the countries.

The Jewish people had no homeland of any kind from at least 70 AD when they were actually occupied by Rome until 1948.

After WW II no country, including the U.

S., would allow them to enter.

The United Nations partitioned part of Trans Jordan into Jordan, Israel and Palestine as a solution.

War broke out the day the British left the area in1948.

Most Arab countries still do recognize the existence of Israel or their right to exist in the region.

The UN headquarters in Jerusalem was on a hill above the city known for centuries in that part of the world as the "Mount of Evil Council."

The Arab countries of today owe their existence, you could say, to the Western powers some of them hate.

It was not until the 1973 Arab/Israeli war that we could visit old Jerusalem through Israel.

It was controlled from Jordan.

In 1948 Palestine had the choice of becoming an independent Arab country.

They refused because they wanted Israel out of the region.

Back to my children and their efforts to point fingers and blame someone else.

It did not work very often.

Blaming someone else will not help these terrorists today.

They must be held responsible for their own insane, inexcusable actions.

What they did is not allowed in a civilized world!