Dollarhide earns share of rodeo pot

Just call him Mr.


Steve Dollarhide scored a 79 on his first saddle bronc ride on Thursday and came back to score a 79 on his second ride in the Wrangler ProRodeo Tour round of the Laughlin River Stampede on Sunday for a share of the Tour round's first place and second place in the average.

For the Tour round, Dollarhide tied Scott Miller, Jess Martin and Charley Gardner with 79 points each and a four-way split of first-place money and U.S.

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Cup Series points.

Overall, Dollarhide was second in the average with 158 points, just behind Gardner's 161.

The Wikieup cowboy earned $750 for the Tour round and 10.5 Tour points and $1,785 for his overall finish for a total of $1,535.

It was Dollarhide's best finish yet in Laughlin.

"I made it several years to the short round.

I haven't finished as good as I'd have liked to before, but this is the first time I've split the short round," Dollarhide said.

"I've always been fairly low in the short round."

The high finish is special for other reasons for Dollarhide as well.

"My family is here," Dollarhide said.

"I think I'd enjoy rodeo a lot more if all of them were this close to home.

"My rodeo career might be a little bit longer too."

Dollarhide really had to work for his 79 points on Thursday.

His first horse did a belly flop in the chute and refused to stand up, so he was awarded a reride.

His second horse stopped bucking briefly mid-ride and he was awarded the option for another reride.

Finally, the third horse, Bitter Bay, bucked well and helped him earn his points.

On Sunday his draw worked out much better as Fantasia broke straight out of the chutes and went into a steady, running and high-kicking buck.

"I've had that horse a couple times previously.

Not last year, but the year before in the long round I had it," Dollarhide said.

"It's a little bit little for me — it's a little horse.

I bet it doesn't weigh 850 (pounds), but it's just a nice little horse.

"It was just a little bit better than it had been before."

Gardner got the key ride to put him into the top money in the average on Sure Shot.

The horse went into a high jumping buck and circled in front of the chutes.

"That horse came around last year and he was good and rough," Garnder said.

"I got on him in Utah and won a first round on him.

When I found out what I had to ride I was really happy.

"That horse was good.

When you ride a horse like that you've got to be prepared for everything."

In bareback bronc riding Robert Bowers of Brooks, Alberta, Canada, turned in the best ride of the rodeo on Sunday with an 87-point performance on Paper Tiger.

The horse burst out of the chute and made quick, high jumps while kicking his legs straight out behind him as he made a slow loop to the left.

"He was great," Bowers said.

"He was wild!

"Nobody really knew that horse too much.

It's a young horse and I kind of expected that when nobody knew her."

Bowers appeared to be spurring hard on the horse's shoulders, but confided later that it may have just looked that way.

"Mostly I was just trying to find her," Bowers said.

"My feet were so high … it felt like they were all over the place."

Bowers finished second in the average, but won the day's Tour points and money for first place for $1,200.

He earned another $1,907 for his second place finish behind Jared Lavergne in the average.

In the bull riding Cory McFadden turned in the best performance of the rodeo with a 91-point ride on Mr.


In timed events Jason Miller won the Tour round with a 3.7-second run in steer wrestling.

Bob Lummus won the average with 12.7 seconds on three.

Herbert Theriot won the Tour round and the average in calf roping.

He made a 9.5-second run in the Tour round and had a total of 28.3 seconds on three.

Team ropers Chad Masters and Michael Harris won the Tour round and Steve Purcella and Britt Bockius won the average.

Rachel Sproul won the Tour round and the average in barrel racing with a time of 16.31 in the Tour round and a total of 49.26 seconds on three.