Focus: Tree council recognizes nine trees in Kingman

The Arizona Community Tree Council in a March 22 ceremony in Phoenix recognized nine of Kingman's trees as Great Trees of Arizona.

Sally Werner of the Kingman Public Works Department accepted the certificates for the trees.

Werner and City Planner Nina Brackett identified 15 trees in Kingman for nomination.

They gathered information about each tree, photographed each tree and gathered all the needed information about each tree.

The completed application was presented to the Arizona Community Tree Council.

The city was also received the Arizona Tree Community Award, the only Arizona city so recognized this year.

The efforts of Werner and Brackett grew out of the 50th Birthday celebration for Kingman and cooperation with the annual Arbor Day tree-planting program.

The city will plant 50 trees in parks and public areas on Friday April 26, National Arbor Day.

The trees nominated and recognized in the Arizona Community Tree Council are located in parks, city hall, the Mohave County Courthouse and at Citizens Utilities on Stockton Hill Road.

The Afghanistan Pine at Kingman City Hall was planted for the U.


Centennial 25 years ago and is used as the city Christmas tree and lighted in a downtown ceremony to begin the holiday season.

The tall, stately grove of Italian Cypress that lines the front of the Mohave County Courthouse along Spring Street at he end of Fourth Street earned recognition.

Locomotive Park between Beale Street and Andy Devine Avenue has several distinctive trees that are now Great Trees of Arizona.

The trees are a Joshua tree or Yucca brevifolia, a Quercus engelmanii better known as an oak and a Cedrus deodara commonly called a Deodar cedar.

Metcalfe Park has an elm grove providing summer shade and a large weeping willow.

The trees recognized at Citizens Utilities offices at 2202 Stockton Hill Road at Italian Stone Pine and willows known by biologists as Salix matsudana.

Brackett and Werner are accepting nominations for other trees in the Kingman area served by city water for recognition as part of Kingman's 50 Great Trees to be recognized with the 50th Birthday.

Call 753-8161 or 692-3117.