Voter registration rates stable over past three months

Voter registration figures in Mohave County have been stable during the past three months, according to Terry Kemp, acting voter registration division supervisor in the Recorder's Office.

Kemp released figures Wednesday morning showing a slight drop in the number of voters on the "active" rolls since Jan.

1 - 77,211, down from 77,359.

However, Kemp said he expects the figure to go up because he is processing 200 voter registration cards this week.

"They are in that gray state where we received (the cards) but not entered them into the database," Kemp said.

Kemp's office places voters on the "inactive" rolls if they have not voted in the past two elections.

The new registration cards come from new voters as well as voters who have changed their names or moved, Kemp said.

Kemp said some new voters have registered in response to speeches by Sheriff Tom Sheahan in favor of the sheriff's override property tax measure on the May 21 countywide ballot.

"He's a galvanizing speaker, apparently," Kemp said.

However, Kemp said he doubts the election itself will lead to a surge in registration, and he blames that on voter apathy.

Early voting starts April 18, and the last day to register to vote for the election is April 22.

Sheahan said it is difficult to say whether the election would inspire more people to register to vote.

He added the only other issue on the ballot is a school issue in Mohave Valley.

"I just hope we have a good voter turnout," Sheahan said.

He said sample ballots, which come with voter information pamphlets, are expected to arrive in mailboxes in a week to nine days.

The override, which requires a simple majority vote, would raise more than $15 million from property taxes during a seven-year period to increase salaries and pay for equipment and replacement of aging vehicles.

The tax would be 19 cents per $100 in assessed valuation for the fiscal year starting July 1 and average about 21 cents for the six other years.

Voters approved a similar seven-year override in May 1990.

More county voters are Republican than any other party, according to figures released by Kemp.

Republicans continue to outnumber Democrats in Mohave County 35,414 to 24,430.

Other registration totals are: 201 Libertarians; 84 Reform Party members; 32 Greens; 14,042 nonpartisan; 3,000 independents; and eight listed as "other."

Voter registration staff designates voters nonpartisan – instead of independent - when they do not fill or check their registration on the cards, according to the division.

Kingman has six voting districts and accounts for 11,479 active voters, according to Kemp's figures.

Republicans number 5,665 and Democrats total 3,572 in the city.

In the outlying areas, Republicans outnumber Democrats in Chloride, Hackberry, Meadview, Yucca and Wikieup precincts, but they trail Democrats in Butler, Dolan Springs, Golden Valley and Peach Springs precincts.

The figures for active voters are:

• Butler, 374 Democrats, 349 Republicans;

• Chloride, 111 Democrats, 204 Republicans;

• Dolan Springs, 530 Democrats, 396 Republicans;

• Golden Valley, 529 Democrats, 512 Republicans;

• Hackberry, 209 Democrats, 447 Republicans;

• Meadview, 221 Democrats, 246 Republicans;

• Peach Springs, 218 Democrats, 42 Republicans;

• Yucca, 80 Democrats, 111 Republicans; and

• Wikieup, 34 Democrats, 88 Republicans.

For more information on registering to vote, call the voter registration office at 753-0767.