KHS softball squad looks for momentum as regional tournament nears

With three regular season games left, the Kingman varsity softball team hopes to finish on a positive note.

The Bulldogs stand at 17-9 overall and are 6-6 in the Northwest Region.

Kingman is sitting in third place behind Mountain Ridge, which is in first,and Deer Valley.

"This past week we have had the best attitude that we have had in awhile," Kingman coach Rick Olivas said.

Today at 3:45 p.m.

the Bulldogs face Deer Valley in Phoenix.

On April 16 Deer Valley swept Kingman in a doubleheader at Centennial Park.

"The last games are all important," Olivas said.

"We would love to win all three of them.

Deer Valley's game is the most important.

We would like tobeat them so we can build the confidence for regionals.

They are a good team, but we believe we are capable of beating them."

The Bulldogs close out the regular season with a doubleheader on Saturday at Peoria.

"We need to sweep Peoria," Olivas said.

"It looks like we are going to finish No.

3 in the conference, but you never know with the last week."

Olivas said Mountain Ridge, Kingman and Deer Valley are all even teams.

"We faced some of the toughest teams in the state with Deer Valley and Mountain Ridge," Olivas said.

"They both have strong pitchers and they are quality teams.

They have been both ranked in the Top 10 in the state."

The Bulldogs lineup includes Sarah Torgerson at catcher and Melody Van Zandt on the mound with Tonya Fuqua backing her up.

At first base the Bulldogs will have Stephanie Edlefsen or Julia Lasiloo.

Lasiloo is also the Bulldogs

designated hitter.

At second is Lauren Seliquini or Kristen Acton.

At shortstop is Tonya McDaniel and Ashlee Huffer is at third.

In the outfield the Bulldogs go with Sheena Fraka in right, Krystn Bailey in center and Victoria Marino in left.

"I don't think that we will make any big changes this week," Olivas said.

"We might change our batting lineup a little bit, but are positions are looking to be the same."

This week the Bulldogs did bring up Stephanie Marino and Amber Crandall fromthe junior varsity team.

Marino will back up Torgerson at the catcher spot and Crandall will back up Huffer at third base.

"We brought them up to get experience and to work with us," Olivas said.

"Amber is quick and she will get some time as a base runner.

It's nice tohave another catcher just in case something happens to Torgerson.

Stephanie has played very well.

She has improved a lot in the last three months and

that is nice to know."

The Northwest Regional tournament will start on May 1.

Games are played at the home of the highest seed.

The top three teams qualify for the state tournament.