Meet Your Neighbors: Madole follows fitness regimen

Steve Madole made a decision nearly 20 years ago that he was going to keep himself fit when he got into bodybuilding.

He pursued it during 1983-94, and then went into bicycling.

"I went into racing and riding for the cardio-type workout it provides," Madole said.

"I had my first cycling race in November 1994 and my last one in March 2001.

"Racing has proven a good release of stress and it gives me the chance to meet others who are into fitness."

However, he over trained to the point where his legs ached constantly, Madole said.

He also developed flu-like symptoms of nausea, headaches and chronic fatigue.

That prompted him to quit cycling for the past year, but he has begun a new training regimen in hopes of bike racing again.

He lifts weights three times a week and gets a cardio workout once or twice a week that involves either bicycling or jogging, Madole said.

"I've started slowly on the bike to see how my legs feel," he said.

"The weight training helps me build upper and lower body strength."

Madole participated in the 111-mile Tour de Tucson in 1997, 1999 and 2000.

The race drew about 5,500 people in 2000 when he had a top-100 finish, Madole said.

His best Tour de Tucson was in 1999 when he finished in 87th place with a time of 4 hours, 46 minutes, 11 seconds.

There were about 5,000 cyclists in that race, he said.

Madole also has participated in 50-60 mountain bike races over courses of 12-20 miles, and in 30-40 road races over courses of 30-70 miles.

In 1999 and 2000, he participated in triathlons in Las Vegas in which competitors swam a half-mile, cycled 14-18 miles, and ran 5 kilometers.

He finished in the top 10 in the 30-34 age group both times, Madole said.

Madole said he must train hard if he is to compete in future races because many bikers weigh 130-160 pounds while he weighs about 210.

He was a member of two racing clubs in the Phoenix area at one time.

He raced for Rx Racing during 1997-2000 and when it disbanded joined other cyclists in Domenic's Cycling, staying one year with that group.

Lance Armstrong, winner of the last four Tour de France races, has been an inspiration for him, Madole said.

He also has gotten useful cycling pointers locally from Dick Tomlin and Doug Loveday.

"I'd like to do a triathlon again, but perhaps a duathlon is more likely," Madole said.

"What I lack in swimming I can make up for in cycling and running."

Madole was born and raised in Kingman.

He has worked as a maintenance technician for the last 10 years at Ford Proving Grounds in Yucca.

Madole enjoys most outdoor activities, including all types of sports and hiking in the Hualapai Mountains.

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