Get A Grip: Looking forward each year to letters to Santa from kids

After a few tough years, the letters to Santa received at the Miner this year were again charming.

The Miner has a deal worked out with Santa in which we consolidate letters here, publish them in the paper and then forward the letters to the North Pole.

It's a system that has worked well for several years and every year I look forward to reading, deciphering and typing the letters.

Unfortunately, for a couple of years many of the letters were sad and from children with needs far beyond Santa's reach.

But this year the tone was lighter again and the task again enjoyable.

My favorites are the letters that are more than a list of wants, although the lists are a good indication of the hot toys of the season.

This year I saw many requests for Bratz dolls, Spiderman Web Blasters and various video game players like Playstation 2, Xbox and Game Cube.

But the best part is the personal messages kids send to Santa.

Even the ones who really don't believe reveal themselves in these often poignant messages.

I've chosen excerpts from some of the sweetest, and a few funny ones, to share.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Letters to Santa:

• Dear Santa,

This year can you bring something special for my dad and mom.

They had a real bad year.

My dad has been sick in the hospital and my mom trys to make us happy but I know she is sad sometimes.

You probly know this because your santa.

So please bring them something nice and I will keep my room clean all year.

I will leave you a special treat to.

Thank you.

Love, Kelsy, age 9

• Dear Santa, Let god Bless you.

With games, and joy.

And since my tata passed away I want my Nana to be happy.

Manuel, 10

• Dear Santa, I would like for my family to be happy and healthy.

Plus, for the world to be safe.

Love, Kyra, Grade 5th

• Dear Santa, What kind of cookies do you like? Your reindeer are going to get carrots.

I want to thank you for all the stuff you have given me.

I'm learning a lot of stuff in school.

Can you bring one elf to my house? I have something for the elf too.

Can you make sure that the people that don't have food for Christmas have food?

I don't really want anything because I want to thank you for all that you have given me since I was born.

See you soon, Jasmyne, 3rd grade

• Dear Santa, Do you like eating all the cheese and cookies? You should bring Rudolph's family and friends to my house because I'm going to leave a lot of vegetables and fruit for them.

I'm also going to leave you cheese and cookies.

I want to know if I leave a bowl of ink and a piece of paper, if Rudolph could leave his footprint?

I hope I get lots of presents.

See you soon.

Love, Demarcus, grade 3

• Dear Santa, Hey, thanks for my bike.

I only sprained my foot three times on it.

This year I might need a helmet.

I hope you have a safe Christmas.

See you later, Tyler, grade 3

• Dear Santa, I hope you give my sister a lump of coal and medicine for her snoring this year.

Your pal, Cooper, 3rd grade

• Dear Santa, How are the elves and Mrs.

Claus? What is the weather like at the North Pole this time of year.

Santa, what do you feed the reindeer at the North Pole?

How do you make the reindeer fly?

Santa, what do you eat at the North Pole? Do you only eat cookies? Do you only make toys for kids every day or do you get a day off for vacation?

What does Mrs.

Claus do?

Your pal, Cesar, grade 3

• Dear Santa Claus, Remember last Christmas when you left crumbs? Before we opened our presents daddy had to vacuum, so please do no leave any crumbs this year.

Please leave my doga bone.

She loves to chew.

If you would like to see her she will be sleeping on the founton.

Just do not wake her up.

If my brother is on the bad list, please take him off.

Love, Danielle

• Dear Santa, For Christmas, I would like a e-cara pro head set.

But most of all, I would like to see my grandma once in awhile.

I would like to see my cousin too.

I would like Jesus to come down and touch my heart I would also like grandma and grandpa to live a healthy young life up in heaven.

Love, Emily