Christmas slow time for sports

It's almost Christmas and the last thing on my mind right now is sports.

This is the only time of the year when I can honestly say that.

In fact, my Red Wings were on television Thursday night and I could hardly concentrate on the game.

It was a good game too, against the Dallas Stars.

But instead of watching the action, my mind was drifting to thoughts of home.

Friday afternoon, when most people will just be getting the Miner, I will be stepping off of a plane in the Windy City.

I'm excited.

But thinking of what I have to look forward to reminds me of what I have to look back on.

One of my favorite memories of the Christmas season is, of course with my dad.

Whenever relatives were visiting, or we were visiting them, my dad and I would try to sneak away after a short amount of time to watch whatever basketball game was on; and there always was one.

There's always some college basketball tournament or game over the holidays.

And the Las Vegas bowl and the Hawaii bowl are both on Christmas day this year.

I know those won't be the most exciting bowl games, but there are only so many ways a girl can bond with her father.

Watching sports just happened to be the one I chose.

When relatives get together to visit, the conversation will almost inevitably turn to sports at some point.

At least it always did in my family.

It's fun to sit around and talk with family about stuff that is basically meaningless.

I did it all the time, and the closer it got to the holidays, the more frequent these meaningless conversations became.

This year will be different.

With only a few days I have to spend time with my family, sports will be put on the back burner and conversations will be about other things.

But whether it's sports, food or something else that brings your family closer together this holiday, I hope everyone has a great week.

Arianne Scarnecchia is a sports writer for the Miner.

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