Stray bullet narrowly misses mom and tot

A stray bullet Saturday afternoon from someone shooting a rifle in the desert near the Ranch Santa Fe subdivision could have proved tragic.

Margaret Smith was returning from checking her mailbox near her home on Rising Sun Avenue with her 3-year-old daughter when she heard a sound of the bullet whizzing past her.

It was so close she thought it went through her legs.

"My daughter who was to the left of me had just darted across the rocks cutting the corner to the sidewalk toward the front door when I heard a shrieking sound cut through the air," Smith said.

Smith said she noticed a bullet hole in the stucco of the wall next to the closed garage door.

She said the bullet passed just inches from her and her daughter.

Smith's husband, Deputy Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith, who was working in the garage at the time, said the bullet penetrated the wall about 3 inches.

The bullet hole was about 28 inches off the ground, Matt Smith said.

Kingman police determined that the bullet came from a .223-caliber rifle and might have been shot from somebody who was as much as a mile away.

The Smiths did not hear a gunshot.

Someone in a group of kids riding dirt bikes and four-wheel drive vehicles might have shot the weapon around 3:30 p.m.

in the desert near the Hualapai foothills The bullet might have passed between two homes before slamming into the Smith's garage wall, Margaret Smith said.

"My concern is that the person who fired this bullet innocently enough on this leisurely Saturday afternoon has no idea that the bullet nearly took the life of my daughter," Smith said.

"It's the American way to have a choice to bear arms.

Please be responsible with that choice."

A Kingman city ordinance bans the shooting of a gun within the city limits.

Out in the county, shooting a gun is forbidden within a quarter of a mile from an occupied structure, KPD Cpl.

Tracie McKnight said.