Bulldogs will be strong in distance and field events

The Kingman boys track and field team have a mixture of upperclassmen and underclassmen according to coach Bob York.

"The older kids have been out for a couple of years," York said.

"The total track team is down this year.

We are only about 50 strong this year.

We usually have about 100 out for the team.

It's going to really effect us down the road when we get into the bigger meets."

The boys strength will be the distance races, the shot and discus events.

In the distance races junior Tyler Angle, senior Derrick Gibelyou and sophomore Kris Savatgy will lead the Bulldogs.

Last year at the state meet Angle finished in seventh place in the 3,200 meter-run and eighth in the 1600.

"I know that Tyler was running during the basketball season to keep in shape for track," York said.

"Kris will be pushing Tyler all season.

Derrick comes out and works hard.

He could come out and surprise a few people."

York said shot and discus throwers seniors E.J.

Hurley and Randy Brockmiller, juniors Jason Lane and Anthony Hicks will score points for the Bulldogs during the meets.

Senior Derek Meins will compete in the triple and long jumps.


is a lot stronger and quicker this year," York said.

"Randy never missed a day of practice for us last year.

Jason just missed going to state last year."

Other track members on the roster are Seth Angle, Josh Canon, Sam Crandell, Paul Gorsch, Nicholas Grant, Josh Griffis, Josh Heitman, Tyrel Harlan, Shawn Heitmann, Conor Jackson, Ricky Johnson, Chris Mathews, Patrick McCoy, Troy Messer, Carl Milkie, Mike Smith, Alexandro Velez, Jacob Wendt, Sean Wilkenson and Tyeson Wood.

The throwers are loaded with experience.

"They just need to start putting things all together," York said.

"The experience won't do any good."

York said the sprints are a question mark for the Bulldogs.

"I'm not sure what we are going to have," York said.

"We have a lot of freshman out that are wanting to run those.

Until we get a couple of races under our belt there is no way knowing of what they are going to do."

According to York, the Bulldogs have a strong work ethic.

"They are all working hard and that is one thing that has impressed me with this track team," York said.

"They are working to get better."

"It's going to be tough for the boys at the start.

It depends on how we matchup with the other teams.

We could be pretty good because we are going to be strong in the field events and the distance races.

If the relays can get us some points we can be pretty good."

York said Mountain Ridge is the team to beat on the boys side in the Northwest Region.

"Mountain Ridge and Peoria are usually the toughest teams," York said.

"Mountain Ridge has a real good program and their numbers are really up right now.

"Goldwater is getting better.

Their track coach has been then for three years and he is a good one."

The Bulldogs start the season Wednesday at 3 p.m.

at the Lake Havasu Multiple.

Kingman will then take part in the Lake Havasu Invitational on Saturday.

The Bulldogs first home meet will be on March 13 when they host conference foes Mountain Ridge and Goldwater.

The Kingman Invitational which is April 20 highlights the Bulldogs' schedule.