EDTC seeks funding applicants

The Kingman Economic and Tourism Development Commission is accepting applications for funding from organizations with projects that will bring people to Kingman to stay in local motels, hotels and campgrounds.

Applications are due by Feb.


Call 753-8130 for information.

The EDTC revised its goal statement to emphasize the mission of bringing more people to town for overnight stays.

The revised goal reads, "To encourage and manage the bed tax funds that will be distributed to organizations, which expand and diversify economic and tourism development in the community."

Chairman Wiatt Wong said new groups are encouraged to apply because the funds are to get new programs going.

Applicants are asked to indicate how the activity could become self-supporting.

The estimated $200,000 in revenues collected from overnight stays is budgeted annually by EDTC to local groups.

The Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce was awarded $128,000 last fiscal year to partially cover staff and expenses for the Powerhouse Visitor Center and several sponsored activities.

Kristi Lee is the tourism director responsible for the activities.

Kingman 2005, the city economic development group responsible for the Kingman Airport Industrial Park and other city development, has been funded at $44,000 per year by EDTC's bed tax revenue.

Others receiving funds in the current budget include the Kingsmen for the Andy Devine Days Rodeo, the Kingman Air and Auto Show, the Kingman Airfield Museum and the Downtown Merchants Association for antique fair advertising.

The 2002 goals adopted Thursday include the funding of local activities and organizations that bring events; assist in the revitalization of Kingman; support the Kingman Airport Authority and Kingman Airport; support local preservation of Kingman's history, cultural arts and the strategic location on Route 66.

The EDTC supports and works cooperatively with the Chamber Tourism Committee.

Wong said applicants for funding would be asked to make a presentation to the EDTC after the Feb.

18 deadline.

Financial information will be requested after any funded project is completed.