Fire threatens Pine Lake community

Dry lightning was the culprit that caused three fires that have burned more than 800 acres in the Hualapai mountains over the weekend.

The Wild Cow fire, the largest at more than 600 acres, is still threatening the mountain community of Pine Lake, coming within a mile of the town that is home to about 200 people, Bureau of Land Management spokesman Bob Hall said.

Thick black smoke billowed up over the mountains then fell onto itself Sunday starting smaller spot fires.

Heavy brush, chaparral and Ponderosa Pine in the higher regions are fueling the fires, Hall said.

"The fire came close to crossing the trigger point Sunday where mandatory evacuation would have been ordered but the fire slowed down and moved laterally," Hall said.

Still considered a threat, the Kingman High School North Campus has been set up as an evacuation center if needed.

Lightning also reportedly struck a house in the Pine Lake area around 7 a.m.


Details of any damage to the home were not available this morning.

Single engine air tankers, heavy air tankers and helicopters dumped water on the fires as about 100 firefighters from Pine Lake, Pinion Pine and the BLM battled the blaze on the ground.

Kingman and Hualapai Valley firefighters also sent crews up to fight the fires.

Two smaller fires merged together and burned about 175 to 200 acres near Dean Peak north of Pine Lake subdivision.

No homes are threatened by that fire.

Hall said the weather looks like it will cooperate with firefighters with drizzle rain in the mountains as of Monday morning.

'It looks like a good day today," Hall said.

"However, we're erring on the side of safety."