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7:42 PM Tue, Oct. 23rd

Kingman girl hones hoop skills at basketball camp

Iris Savatgy got a chance to see things on a basketball court a little differently from what she's seen at Kingman High School last week at the Superstar Invitational Basketball Camp in San Diego.

The 16-year-old, soon-to-be junior, spent four days with some of the top female high school basketball players in the country.

This wasn't you're typical basketball fundamentals camp.

It was designed to allow college scouts get a look at the upcoming prospects to fill out there rosters in coming years.

Most of the camp focused on actual competition, rather basketball basics.

"It was more to go there because a lot of scouts are going to be there.

To get yourself known," Savatgy, who is already thinking about playing college ball, said.

"There were a bunch of awesome girls.

I'm really not a person who gets intimidated, but if you take the Ironwood team you can just times that by 100 and that's how it was over there."

Ironwood girls dominated the Northwest Region last season and are expected to be strong again this year.

"There was a tournament, but for the first two games you were just playing to get your seed in the tournament," Savatgy said.

"Playing time was all equal, it was five minutes in and five minutes out.

Basically that's all we did.

We had three-on-three competition, three-point shot competitions and one-on-one competition.

We would play all day.

"All the coaches there were scouts or were scouting everyone who was there.

On top of huge colleges you had junior colleges and regular colleges."

Kingman girls basketball coach Joe Juelfs is pleased Savatgy got the opportunity to be at such a high level camp, both for how it will help her confidence and skills and how it gives her exposure to college scouts.

"If people don't see you they don't know who you are," Juelfs said.

"Anytime you can play against different people and better competition that is going to raise your level of play.

It's worthwhile.

"I wish all my kids could go to things like this."

Juelfs said other members of the team were invited, but Savatgy was the only one who went.

Savatgy, who plans on playing college ball, said there were other very helpful aspects to the camp.

"They gave us classes on NCAA rules and the recruiting rules.

I learned a bunch of stuff," Savatgy said, "what's legal and what's not legal about recruiting."

Tennessee is Savatgy's preference for college, but she is looking at all of her opportunities.

"My favorite college team is Tennessee.

If you don't have a good coach you're not getting better.

Pat Summitt is an awesome coach.

She's won like three championships in a row," Savatgy said.

"Tennessee scouts were there and UConn scouts were there."

Coaches at the camp were also pretty impressed with Savatgy's coaching in Kingman.

"I think if you have a good coach it totally makes a difference," Savatgy said.

"Coaches up there commented on how good of a coach I must have had at home."

A three-sport athlete who also runs cross country and track basketball and is working this summer as a life guard at Centennial Park pool, Savatgy's favorite sport is basketball and she hopes to see an improvement in her and in her teammates' play this winter.

"In the mornings I'm going down and lifting weights and playing basketball.

I never stop so (the camp) is just added on to the good things that have happened over the summer for me," Savatgy said.

"The only time I've left town was for basketball camps.

"If we can all come in and start playing in the mornings we can be an awesome basketball team."