State tax forms, booklets more widely available

State income tax booklets and forms have become more widely available in the Kingman area, thanks to shipments late last week from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Boxes of booklets arrived at the Kingman branch of the Mohave County Library, library staff said.

The Department of Revenue also shipped a batch to the Kingman branch of Mohave Community College, said Jeff Kros, legislative liaison and public information officer.

The county library had posted a sign on a wall for several weeks indicating the state forms and booklets were not available.

The library is located at Burbank Street and Beverly Avenue.

"Oh, yes, a lot of people asked for them," librarian Lynn Dailey said on Monday afternoon.

"A lot of people here said they've been to the (U.S.) post office and can't find them."

And while she fielded questions from the Miner, a young couple picked up booklets.

A table inside the entrance to the library contains boxes with 140, 140EZ, 140A and 140NR booklets, and some boxes are on the floor.

The library at MCC carries state tax forms for the convenience of students and the public, said Kyle Dalpe, director of marketing and public information.

The college is located at 1971 Jagerson Avenue.

"I know we don't have enough on hand for everybody," Dalpe said.

The college library received its second shipment of tax forms Friday, said Kros of the Department of Revenue.

No forms are available at the post office on Johnson Street.

"We don't get an automatic shipment of state forms," said Bill Riehle, supervisor for customer service at the post office.

Riehle said postal employees occasionally display Department of Revenue booklets that were marked undeliverable because the intended recipients had moved or for other reasons.

"We do that as a courtesy," Riehle said.

"If we had any (forms and booklets), they'd be gone in minutes."

Kros of the Department of Revenue apologized for the short supply.

"We are sensitive that rural people may have a harder time getting these forms than people living down in the valley," he said.

"The department is doing the best we can given that our budget for this kind of taxpayer services is under fire."

Kros said state income tax forms are available online by logging on to the department's Web site,

The state has about 2 million taxpayers, he said.

State income tax returns are due on the same day as federal returns: April 15.