Three candidates elected, two tied

Two city council seats were decided in Tuesday's election while the third seat remains up for grabs in a tie vote.

Mayor Les Byram, who ran unopposed, was also reelected.

Byram received 1,222 votes in the light-turnout election.

Councilman Phil Moon was also reelected, leading the council candidates with 1,008 votes.

Ray Lyons was second on the council ballot with 868 votes.

Incumbent Homer Johnston or Jim Baker will fill the third open council position.

Each received 822 votes, more than the 784 needed for election.

The third position will not be decided until 22 uncounted ballots are reviewed by Mohave County voter registration to see whether the ballots are valid.

"Voter registration will determine which of the 22 uncounted ballots are valid," City Clerk Charlene Ware said.

"If the margin is less than ten votes, a recount will be automatic."

Mike Hrober was fourth in the council race with 512 votes.

Each voter could vote for three candidates.

The vote would have gone to a May general election for decision had the winning candidates not received more than 50 percent of the ballots cast.

Johnston and Baker were philosophical about waiting to learn the outcome of the close race.

"I win either way," Johnston said.

"I have enjoyed serving the city as vice mayor and councilman.

If I do win, I will enjoy another term.

If not, it has been a pleasure working with the mayor and council."

Baker was more disappointed in the voter turnout than the election results.

"I would really like to see more people take an interest in city government and vote," he said.

"I will just wait for the final decision of voters."

Only 1,566 of 11,522 registered voters cast ballots in the primary.

The 13.6 percent voting was down from the 20.3 percent who voted in the city primary in March 2000.

Byram will begin his sixth term as Kingman mayor July 1.

He ran unopposed in the previous election.

Moon will begin his third term in July, counting the term he finished when he was first appointed to the council to replace Larry Butler, who had resigned to become Kingman police chief.

Johnston has been vice mayor while serving two four-year terms on the council.

He was also on the city council three years during the 1970s.

Baker is a first-time council candidate and continues to serve on the school board.

Hrober, a downtown barber, said he may have lost the election but he won a haircut in the process.