Kingman receives applications for CDBG grants

The city of Kingman has received six applications totaling $767,000 for an expected $479,631 available in Community Development Block Grants, according to Grants Coordinator Bill Shilling.

The Kingman City Council will decide which grants will be recommended for funding in the city's application to the state.

The city would be allowed 18 percent for administration of the grants over a two-year period.

That $86,334 would pay salaries, office expenses and legal advertising expenses, leaving $393,297 for the grants.

The applicants include: Kingman Aid to Abused People, $200,000 for an addition; Sarah's House, $175,000 for new construction; Kingman Area Food Bank, $200,000 for half the cost of a new facility; Kingman Old Timers Chat and Chow (Mohave County Senior Programs), $12,500 for building improvement; and the Cornerstone Mission Project Homeless Shelter, $50,000 to complete renovation of the facility purchased with $400,000 in Arizona State Housing Trust money.

The Kingman Area Food Bank applied for $200,000 of CDBG money from both Mohave County and the city.

The county funds were not approved.

Shilling told the city council that the food bank would not be able to move ahead without the county assistance.

The Kingman Aid to Abused People expansion would cost $550,000.

The organization also has requested $350,000 from the Arizona State Housing Trust fund.

Shilling said indications are the state funds would be available in July .

The city purchased a lot for KAAP earlier with a building addition anticipated.

The current facility was built with $220,000 in city funds in 1997.

KAAP provides housing and programs for abused women and children.

Sarah's House Victim Center plans a new and larger facility to replace the one leased from the Kingman Police Department.

Shilling said the facility might qualify for funds if Mohave County provided the land for the building.

There are questions of qualification because some operations of the County Attorney's Office operate in the same facility, and government use of the money is not allowed.

Sarah's House is used for examinations, interviews and counseling of victims of domestic, sexual or other violence.

County Senior Programs would pay for minor improvement of the Kingman Nutrition Center and the Kathryn Heidenreich Adult Center with new fire and building alarm systems and new doors.

Cornerstone Mission will house homeless men and men with families.

It plans to open in April for ten men, and renovation would add space for about another 20.

Family rooms will allow both parents and the children to be housed for short periods.

The city of Kingman currently administers a successful housing improvement program, said Shilling, and gradual improvement of entire neighborhoods is evident.

Options for city funding for housing rehabilitation range from $18,297 to $330,797, depending on what other applicants are funded.

During Monday's city council meeting, Shilling will make recommendations for the state application in May.

The city must show that the money will be used on programs for low and moderate-income residents.