Marvins Window: Immigrants voting with their feet

I looked out my window Monday, but I could not see Paris.

France must be out of my line of vision.

The French press and politicians were shocked when Jean-Marie Le Pen came in second in a presidential primary and will face incumbent Jacques Chirac in a May 5 runoff.

France has so many candidates in the primary that the two leaders made the finals with each garnering less than 25 percent of the popular vote.

It reminds me of the Ev Mecham era in Arizona when a candidate regarded as having no chance actually won the governorship.

Strange things happen in elections and surprise those of us in the media.

We are supposed to know what is going on!

The issue in the French election is becoming a worldwide issue in democratic countries with free elections.

In a word, the issue is immigration!

Le Pen concentrated on the increase in France's crime and blamed immigrants.

According to French media, politicians and the media tended to ignore crime victims acute distress at little mention of their concerns in low-income areas where the police had deserted the community.

Politicians and media moguls live in high rent sections of Paris and Nice that are mostly crime free.

At least, the kind of street crime and gang activity found in poorer sections is not part of daily life.

France has some issues and living areas similar to those found in the U.S., London, Europe and other developed and higher income democracies.

Media reports indicate Los Angeles has more non-English than English radio stations.

We are about to find Arizona in a redistricting election mess directly related to minority populations, including thousands illegally in the state, and their representation in state and national politics.

We have witnessed demonstrations supporting terrorism all over the world since Sept.

11 and recent Mid East problems that.

I see these as an extension of local crime problems.

I suggest that a new world issue is upon us.

I call it economic development and democracy demonstrated by walking.

People all over the world are walking out of economic, political and religious oppression into the U.S., France and other affluent democracies.

People are voting with their feet!

Palestinians demonstrate on the University of California campus and the city council in Berkley debates immigration issues supporting places where people are walking out to come here.

Vicente Fox campaigns in Mexico for better treatment and easier immigration for his citizens to move easily from his country to ours! Can you imagine Bush campaigning for our citizens to migrate more easily to Mexico, Iraq, North Korea, China or Saudi Arabia? Who would want to go?

Arab and European countries are greatly influenced by current immigrant populations.

Dictators in several Arab and Muslim countries must reckon with Palestinian populations in their countries to stay in power.

Europeans must recognize the voting strength of immigrant populations in their midst.

England must deal with issues related to mosques in London where support for terrorists is all too common.

People all over the world have access to Western television and see how people live in developed economies with democratic governments.

They risk their lives to move to where they and their children will have greater opportunity.

I can see how they get bored or hopeless after centuries of poverty and repression.

Knowing what is available in America has motivated people to immigrate to the U.S.

for more than 200 years.

Now, more people know about opportunities in the world outside their villages and they "walk" when they can.

If I were one of them, I would be "walking", too!

However, like supporters of Le Pen in France, I am already here.

How can I get the door closed so no one else can come and foul up what I already have?

At a less critical level, I hear a lot of similar attitudes expressed concerning Kingman's General Plan and annexation issues.

Folks who moved to a small town (Kingman) do not want to see hordes from California and the East move here and make this just another overpopulated urban ghetto.

People are no longer waiting for their countries to change and provide more opportunity, more self-expression, more freedoms and more safety.

They are on the move!

We have at least 10 million of them in this country, by conservative government estimates.

We do not know whom they are, where individuals are or what to do with them.

We cannot even find over 300,000 of them who have been through court and told to leave.

They just disappear into the masses of Americans.

I could not see Paris from my window.

I do see a major shift of people and ideas all over the world.

What I cannot see is a solution.

Do you have any ideas? Am I wrong?