Newcomer makes friends on football team

Moving to a new town isn't always an easy thing, especially for someone in high school.

Sometimes the easiest way to make friends is to join a sports team.

That's just what Bryce Vanderhorst did.

The junior on the Bulldog football team moved with his parents to Kingman before the school year from Utah and soon after found his group of friends.

"The guys were really cool with me," Vanderhorst said.

"They invited me places and made me feel welcome right away."

Vanderhorst, or "Horse" as his teammates call him, began playing football at a young age, following in the footsteps of his father and older brother.

He grew up with football, as his dad coached and his older brother played.

Vanderhorst still relies on both for support.

His brother, Tyler, calls from Utah to offer advice.

He has always been an athletic person, even outside of high school sports.

Vanderhorst enjoys wakeboarding when he gets the chance.

He became interested in that after spending time at a lake not far from his old home in St.

George, Utah.

"Wakeboarding is probably my second favorite thing to do after playing football," Vanderhorst said.

"It's really cool."

Aside from water sports, Vanderhorst also played both soccer and basketball.

Upon moving to Kingman, he decided to concentrate his attention on the sport he enjoyed most – football.

"Football's the most exciting," Vanderhorst said.

"You get to hit people.

I really like the attitude that goes along with playing football."



As the team goes for its second win of the season Friday night at Deer Valley, Vanderhorst is confident the Bulldogs can pull out the victory.

"I think we have a good chance to win," Vanderhorst said.

"We've been having good practices.

They've lost some games and they're only the second team we've played with a losing record."

He believes Kingman will be able to control its own destiny in the game.

"We need to just not make mistakes," Vanderhorst said.

"We can't shoot ourselves in the foot.

We've had some costly turnovers this season and we can't do that.

We need to play good defense."