California man faces federal charges

A California man convicted in Mohave County last year was indicted on federal charges for the same July 2001 accident that killed two Guatemalans.

Walter Gramajo, 34, has been arrested in the July 15, 2001, incident that left two illegal aliens dead, Mohave County Sheriff's Office spokesman Jarrod Lyman said.

Gramajo was driving a pickup bringing 10 Guatemalan nationals into the country when it flipped on Oatman Road, killing a man and a woman.

A Mohave County jury convicted him of negligent homicide with a motor vehicle and he served nine months in state prison, Lyman said.

Upon his release, Gramajo was indicted Oct.

30 on federal charges on two counts of transportation of illegal aliens resulting in death and two counts of transportation of illegal aliens, Lyman said.

If convicted, Gramajo, of Los Angeles, could be sentenced to life in prison or receive the death penalty.

The second charge could net him 10 years in prison.

Gramajo is being held in a federal facility in Phoenix, Lyman said.