Marvin's Window: Now shortage of volunteers

An airplane was circling well south of the Kingman airport when I looked out my window this weekend.

Trailing behind the biplane was a huge banner-a really long one.

"How many volunteers does it take to change a light bulb?" the banner read.

A sky writer had tried to write the question over the airport with smoke but ran out in the middle of the third word.

In Kingman, there would be enough volunteers, no matter the number needed.

There always seems to be volunteers in Kingman to do whatever the project demands.

I have heard many folks say one of the reasons for moving to Kingman was the chance to get involved in the community.

I think every one has.

The number of volunteers involved in various community activities in just the past 30 days must far exceed the population of the area! That comes about when individuals volunteer for several activities and are counted multiple times.

Volunteers put on the Mohave County Fair and many of the booths have volunteers keeping them open.

The youth activities require volunteer leaders who have worked with the youngsters for most of the year.

The Kingsmen, an organization of volunteers, spend countless hours planning and conducting the Andy Devine Days Rodeo and related activities.

The parade and the Andy Awards take a lot more volunteer hours, especially by the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce.

The attendance at the Kingman Air and Auto Show would be large if no one except the volunteers attended! Of course, it is well attended by the community.

All these events draw people from other places to see what a friendly place Kingman is.

I was in Laughlin in September and overheard a tourist ask a store clerk about the Mohave County Fair.

The clerk was so enthusiastic that the tourist decided to come up the hill to attend our fair.

Kingman area residents volunteer time and talent to make the Route 66 Fun Run, softball tournaments, the Downtown Merchants Antique and Craft Show and Yada Yada Parade and the Christmas Parade and downtown lighting all successful.

I had an opportunity to attend the dinner honoring volunteers for the Kathryn Heidenreich Adult Center last spring.

It was amazing to see so many seniors gathered who were volunteering at the senior center.

Folks in Kingman never seem to get too old to volunteer.

A similar luncheon at the Boys and Girls Club honoring volunteers and supporters was also well attended.

I was impressed by the number of teens who volunteer to help other young people.

The Mohave Museum of History and Art has a virtual army of volunteers that work in the library, the front desk and other places to make the museum what it is.

More volunteers do the same at the Route 66 Museum in the Powerhouse Visitor Center.

The Kingman Army Airfield Historical Society and Museum at the airport is an entirely volunteer program that has raised money for the hangar and the exhibits.

Schools in the area utilize lots of volunteers for literacy and mentoring programs that enhance the education of our children.

Sometimes it seems parents and grandparents spend as much time in school as the students.

Youth activities that provide all kinds of activities in summer leagues and Park and Recreation leagues could not operate without lots of willing volunteers.

Coaches, referees and umpires and parents all sacrifice time and contribute talent to these activities.

I am sure any one of the huge numbers of capable volunteers in this community could change a light bulb all alone.

But, when you ask for volunteers in this community, expect to have a lot more people responding than you expected! It would take only one to change the light bulb.

There is no telling how many more it would take to watch and cheer.

Now I have a problem.

There is no doubt that I have left out church groups, many service clubs and no telling how many others who should have been mentioned.

The individual volunteers and the organizations of volunteers in the Kingman area are virtually endless.

I know I left out important individuals and groups.

Forgive me and consider yourselves included.

Be thankful you live in a community where people get involved in helping each other.

That is one of the reasons Kingman is a great place to live.

Thanks to each of you!