Children learning tae-bo

Arcelia Isais had never seen tae-bo until physical education class last week at Cerbat Elementary School.

Now, she and many other children at the school are learning tae-bo under the supervision of physical education teacher Jeremy Fessler.

"It helps me lose weight and I'm getting stronger," Arcelia said of tae-bo.

Arcelia is in a first- and second-grade class taught by Megan Stuehm.

Kylie McGee, one of her classmates, also has grown fond of tae-bo.

"It's easy to do and it makes your muscles stronger," Kylie said.

Her parents have joined her doing tae-bo at home, she added.

Fessler said he had gotten an aerobics tape for students in grades one though three and the tae-bo tape for fourth- through sixth-graders.

But the aerobics tape was not interesting, so he showed the tae-bo tape to a second-grade class and it was an instant hit.

Students in all grades exercise to a 27-minute long tape narrated by Billy Blanks, a seven-time martial arts champion.

Each class sees the tape once a week, except second graders, who view it twice a week because of how their schedules are set up.

"Tae-bo teaches how to stay healthy and fit by using punches and kicks to tone the body," Fessler said.

"It also helps get the heart rate where it should be.

"I wanted something in the aerobics line that would keep students active once they get out of school and tae-bo seems to be it."

Parents have come to school and told him their children have gotten them into tae-bo or, in some cases, the parents have gone out and bought a tae-bo tape, Fessler said.