Superior Court judge named presiding juvenile judge

A Mohave County Superior Court judge was appointed last week as presiding juvenile judge.

Division 1 Judge Charles W.

Gurtler Jr.

was appointed Wednesday as presiding juvenile judge effective immediately, Mohave County Superior Court Administrator Edna Johnson said.

State law requires that a county with more than one judge of juvenile court, one judge may be designated as presiding juvenile judge.

Judge Robert Moon also handles juvenile cases.

Gurtler had been a Superior Court pro-tempore judge for eight years handling more than 2,500 juvenile delinquency and dependency cases, mostly in Bullhead City.

He also worked as a Bullhead City attorney.

Graduating from law school in San Diego in 1986, Gurtler created a juvenile prevention program in 1996 aimed at educating Mohave County students on the court system.

He has also been involved in teen court in Bullhead City.

Gurtler was elected in November succeeding Charlotte Wells who replaced retiring Judge Gary Pope earlier in February 2002.

After Pope's resignation, Superior Court's Division 1 was relocated to Bullhead City.

The other Superior Court judges in Kingman are Steven Conn, Richard Weiss, James Chavez and Moon.

Moon was appointed as presiding judge last year.

Judge Randy Bartlett presides over Division 2 in Lake Havasu City.

The presiding juvenile judge will work with the chief probation officer and the assistant juvenile chief probation officer in juvenile cases.

Gurtler will also work with Moon and will preside over the assignment of juvenile cases, Johnson said.