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Youths learn practical lessons

Some fifth- and sixth-graders at Palo Christi School are learning skills that will help them throughout life as well as prepare them for the next grade level.

In Larson's Life Skill Champs, Scott Larson and his wife, Camille, teach traits such as effort, responsibility, cooperation, common sense, problem solving, courage, organization, integrity, flexibility and perseverance.

They have a total of 54 pupils.

Scott Larson teaches a fifth-grade class and Camille Larson a sixth-grade class.

They have recognized six of their pupils for their efforts during August.

They are Sean Collins, Kyle Lowrance, Rhonda Leslie, Joshua Klein, Mindy Taylor and Jewels Andersen.

"I'm putting a lot of effort into my work so I can pass into the sixth grade," Kyle Lowrance said.

"It's hard with a lot of assignments I have to finish in one day, but Mr.

Larson lets us talk with our friends and help each other."

Kyle said the life skills class helps him to learn the math applications such as long division, multiplication and decimals that he will need in sixth grade.

Mindy Taylor expects to move to seventh grade next year.

She said the life skills class helps her math and science skills and understanding of social studies.

"By taking Larson's Life Skills I'm getting more work done on time and it's helping me get better grades," Mindy said.

Pupils work on different life skills each month, with responsibility the topic scheduled for September.

Scott Larson said that when his pupils begin another section, they write about how it relates to life, which makes them realize their ideas are important.

"The kids are spending time on a skill that will help them outside the classroom and throughout life, and that's what we watch for," he said.

"Effort was this month's skill, and our winners gave it their best.

If any of them had to re-do an assignment he or she did not fuss about it."