Officer unharmed in shooting incident


Michael Bolt, 33, of the Kingman Police Department was shot during a Sunday morning shoot out west of Andy Devine Avenue and south of Arizona Furniture, KPD Lt.

Dean Brice said.

The incident began in the Basha's parking lot.

Bolt, a six-year veteran of the Kingman police, was taken to the emergency room at Kingman Regional Medical Center and treated for chest bruises and released.

Brice said the officer's bulletproof vest stopped the bullet.

Edward Francis Mallon, Jr., 28, the alleged shooter, was taken into custody at the scene of the shooting.

He was hiding in a dirt trench between mounds of dirt to the rear of Chris' Body Shop and Daze Transfer located in the 3800 block of Sunshine Drive.


Brice said Mallon was wanted on felony warrants and was alleged to have made death threats on Kingman police officers.

He was also alleged to have made death threats to a robbery victim.

"The alleged death threats of robbery victims and of Kingman police officers were made openly and had reached our department," Brice said.

Sara Rose Cornwall, 19-year-old female, was taken into custody at the Basha's parking lot for allegedly hindering police in the first degree.

A KPD detective had been watching a room at Motel 6 from a distance after Mallon was reported to be staying there in a room registered under Sara Cornwall's name.

Cornwall was observed getting in the green pickup truck and driving to the K-Mart parking lot.

She parked in front of Basha's and was taken into custody my officers, Brice said.

Cornwall told officers Mallon was not with her.

They observed him lying in the floor of the truck.

Mallon jumped into the driver's seat, started the vehicle and backed out at a high rate of speed.

Brice said at least one vehicle was hit and officers shot out three tires.

Mallon went north on Andy Devine Avenue, lost control and crossed the medium.

The vehicle did a 180 and slid onto the shoulder on the west side of the road where it was stuck.

Mallon fled on foot and was pursued by several officers.

He pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired at officers and Bolt was hit in the bulletproof vest.

Mallon then surrendered and was taken into custody.

Brice said several handguns were stolen Friday morning from Jim Cornwall's Gunsmith Shop in the 900 block of Turquoise Avenue in downtown Kingman.

Mallon was armed with handguns reported stolen from the gun shop in the Friday burglary.

Gunsmith Jim Cornwall is the father of Sara Rose Cornwall, the female taken into custody at the crime scene.

The officers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Mohave County Sheriff's deputies and DPS Ranger 41 helicopter provided back up and crime scene investigation Brice said.

Ranger 41 provided aerial photographs of the scene and transfer of investigators from a landing area in the south lane of Andy Devine Avenue.

Arizona Department of Transportation workers diverted southbound traffic at Horizon Boulevard to Sunshine Drive for more than two hours during the shoot out and the crime scene investigation that followed.