Agreement with University of Phoenix enables MCC graduates to continue education

Mohave Community College graduates concerned about progressing beyond an associate's degree now have another opportunity through an agreement between the MCC and the University of Phoenix.

The initial contact between the two institutions came just before Christmas, Tim Montbriand, vice president for university studies at MCC, said.

"I contacted (the University of Phoenix), and simultaneously their business manager, Jean Eisenach, contacted our registrar," Montbriand said.

"Many people are place-bound and can't get to a college campus.

Part of our mission is to deliver educational opportunities to students, and this is one way to provide more access."

Students can take courses from their homes over the Internet under the agreement.

The University of Phoenix offers five-week courses in its Flexnet online program.

Students attend the first and last meetings of a class in a classroom for interaction between students and instructors, Montbriand said.

Montbriand said the University of Phoenix also will accept an associate's degree from MCC without students needing to cross reference courses as they work toward a baccalaureate or graduate degree.

"The agreement opens up more degree pathways," he said.

Course offerings include criminal justice, nursing, health care services and human services, Montbriand said.

"This partnership provides Mohave Community College graduates the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree and allows the students to truly customize their learning experiences to best meet their personal and educational needs," Palmer Noone, University of Phoenix president, said in a press release.

Anyone wanting more information should contact Deborah Leach, MCC marketing director, at 757-0804 or the University of Phoenix at (480) 557-2950 for dates and times of informational meetings in your area.