Students learn lesson from fish video

Most of the roughly 70 staff and faculty members at Kingman Junior High School said they were in a good mood when they got up Thursday morning.

They were responding to a question posed in the school's library before classes began.

"Then what am I doing here?" Kelly Kimrey joked.

Kimrey is the membership-marketing manager at the Del E.

Webb Wellness and Rehabilitation Center.

Her 30-minute presentation which included a 17-minute video showed how to have fun in the workplace.

The video "Fish: Catch the Energy, Release the Potential" was made in Seattle at the Pike Place Fish Co., and many scenes show employees tossing fish or crabs to one another in a light-hearted atmosphere that customers seem to enjoy.

Four steps in catching "the fish philosophy" are: "play, make their day, be there, and choose your attitude." Pike Place managers and employees spoke about each point, although only their first names were displayed.

Employees were not working, but playing, owner John said.

"We make it fun by being crazy," Justin chimed in.

A mackerel was thrown to the front counter to be weighed for a customer.

A woman customer said she didn't think that type of behavior would fly where she worked, in a salon.

But she was smiling as she said it.

During the "make their day" portion of the tape, an employee said he tries to make a difference for people visiting the market so they leave in a better mood than when they arrived.

"They see us having fun and it's like a feeding frenzy," owner John said.

"Everybody wants to join in."

A woman customer did join in.

She stood by a scale behind a counter with wrapping paper in hands and made several futile attempts to catch fish tossed at her, smiling all the while.

The importance of listening to the customer was stressed during the "be there" segment of the tape.

"Be there with them moment by moment," manager Dick said.

"Someone who is not buying now will be a future shopper."

"Choose your attitude" is something people must work at, several fish company employees said.

One said he made the choice to be happy even though he had gotten just two hours sleep the night before.

Another said even though he had a pinched nerve he could laugh, so he did.

When the tape ended, Kimrey spent several minutes reinforcing every point made.

"The most important thing to me is choosing your attitude," Kimrey said.

"It's the only thing you may have control over today.

"If you have a great attitude, people are going to flock to you.

I can have a great attitude without drugs or alcohol."

Have fun through play, she said.

Throwing small, light objects helps release endorphins, a hormone found mainly in the brain.

Go ahead and joke or have a theme day, Kimrey said.

As one example of how to "make their day," Kimrey said someone standing in line with a full cart of groceries at the supermarket should let someone with just three items go ahead.

He or she will thank you and remember it the rest of the day.

You can listen to "be there" for someone or make gestures of friendship, which might include leaving a piece of candy on the chair of a co-worker or baking a cake for someone observing a birthday, Kimrey said.

As her presentation concluded, substitute teacher Annette Davis walked into the hallway outside the library and shouted "You get out of here now."

Kimrey was briefly taken aback as everyone broke into laughter.

Davis said she yelled at three students wearing hoods.

"I couldn't have planned a better ending," Kimrey said.