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10:08 AM Wed, Dec. 12th

Terrorist threats only a small blip on Kingman's radar

The terrorist's scare that has many people in larger cities scrambling for gas masks, bottled water and duct tape has sent only a minor tremor of jitters through the Kingman area.

A federal terror alert of the second highest level of orange and a message attributed to Osama bin Laden has caused many Americans across the country to take disaster-preparation steps.

At the Kingman Army Navy Surplus store, Bill Kaye's entire stock of about three dozen gas masks have sold out in the last few days.

People also have come in buying several cases of ready-to-eat meals (MREs).

Blankets and sleeping bags have also sold well as overall business has been brisk since a nationwide terrorist alert.

"They only sell when something like this comes out in the news," Kaye said.

Scott Shuffler at True Value Hardware store said he has seen increased sales of duct tape, batteries and plastic sheeting.

Those items are pretty close to being sold out, he said.

But Leroy's Ace Home Center has not seen any difference in sales.

Wal-Mart spokesman Jeff Van Horn has also not seen much of an increase in sales of duct tape and plastic supplies.

Stores in larger cities like New York tend to see a larger increase in survivor supply sales, he said.

However, Kingman fire Capt.

Bill Johnston warns residents of overreacting and sealing their homes up with plastic sheets.

The buildup of carbon monoxide in a sealed home could be a serious health issue.

Plastic sheets are also highly flammable, he said.

Bottled water suppliers like Culligan and Diamond Spring Water report no increases in calls for bottled water.

In the last few days, the Kingman chapter of the American Red Cross has seen calls increase by three to four times the normal number, Red Cross spokeswoman Kathy Jenkins said.

"Most of the calls are what one needs to do to be prepared," Jenkins said.

"Or where the emergency meeting places are."

The Red Cross encourages people to keep a disaster supply kit stocked and ready.

People should develop alternate routes to and from work or school.

Discuss children's fears about a possible terrorist attack.

Safety precautions for level orange alert are available on the Internet at

To see a full version of the Red Cross recommendation for homeland security, go to

Kingman police Chief Larry Butler has not heard of any threats specifically toward the Kingman area.

The national Homeland Security Department has warned police departments throughout the country of possible crude biological terrorism such as the spread of chemicals through crop dusters, Butler said.

Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan also said there is no specific terrorist threat aimed at Mohave County.

With 90 sheriff deputies and more than 200 MCSO volunteers, Sheahan said the county is well prepared for any emergency.

Heavily guarded Hoover Dam, which is 90 miles away, or Davis Dam near Bullhead City might be the county's only potential targets of terrorists.