More homeowners eligible for grants to repair houses

Another 25 to 35 Kingman homeowners will be eligible for grants of up to $15,000 for safety and health repairs to their homes under a $280,797 Community Development Block Grant program.

"The city has repaired 128 homes for eligible Kingman homeowners under this program since 1990," Bill Shilling, Kingman grant coordinator, said.

"An additional 25 to 35 homes will be repaired with this grant."

To be eligible, individuals must own their own home, meet income guidelines and live within the designated service area.

Requested repairs must be for health and safety reasons.

Shilling said the most common repairs are roof, plumbing and electric service.

When needed, those kinds of repairs are combined and other work that might be needed.

"We want to complete the home and not have to come back again for additional items," he said.

The new guidelines increased the grant limit per home to $15,000 and added an option to replace a mobile home where the cost of repair totaled more than replacement cost.

In past years the average cost per home has been $6,000 to $10,000.

Some costs could be higher per home this year because of a lead-paint requirement.

If the home was built prior to 1978 and lead paint would be disturbed by the work, the project must comply with U.


Housing and Urban Development guidelines.

Certified contractors with hazardous materials training and special equipment are required to remove and dispose of the lead paint.

The requirement is triggered for repair costing more than $5,000.

Applicants must live in the downtown area or on Hilltop between Pasadena Avenue and Hualapai Mountain Road as far east as Eastern Avenue.

Income levels range from under $30,000 for a single adult to $50,550 for a family of six.

Proof of ownership of the home is required.

Applications will be considered by priority with eligible disabled persons considered first.

Next in order of consideration are the elderly, single heads of household and all others who need health and safety repairs.

Those with a previous repair history will be considered if any money is still available.

Applications will be accepted until March 31.

Contact the city of Kingman Planning Office at 412 Oak St.

between 8 a.m.

and 5 p.m.

for applications.

Call Bill Shilling at 753-8159.