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10:09 AM Tue, Dec. 18th

Students at KAL class enter poems in contest

Kingman Academy of Learning High School students Priscilla Waalkens and Chris McDavid write poetry for different reasons.

"It's a way to deal with my emotions," said Waalkens, a sophomore.

McDavid, a freshman, said he only writes poetry when required.

Both students were required to do so in classes taught by Michele Gray.

Gray teaches a freshman humanities class that combines English and social studies, and a sophomore English II class.

A total of 38 of Gray's students entered poems in a contest sponsored by Creative Communications, Inc.

of Logan, Utah.

Entries could be mailed or submitted on-line at

Poems could be no longer than 21 lines, Gray said.

Students picked their own topics.

Creative Communications recently notified Gray that 27 of her students, Waalkens and McDavid among them, would have their works published in the spring in "A Celebration of Young Poets."

Waalkens' poem is titled "If Only."

"It talks about a guy I was going out with that I've broken up with," she said.

"But it's not a sad poem."

Waalkens said she often writes poems to express her emotions and will continue to do so.

McDavid titled his poem "Relativity."

"It talks about how some people think it's cold, while others think it's hot," he said.

"Some people think something is a good idea, while others think it's bad.

"I wrote it because I like to think about how some people think differently on the same subject.

It's kind of funny."

McDavid said he has a cousin who writes song lyrics and the cousin wants him to do the same.

Here are the other KAL High School students that are slated to have their names and works published:

Sophomores – Lisa Greep, "Staying Strong"; Kyle Higgins, "Joe the Carrot"; Ian Kidder, "Nike"; Melanie Koalska, "Gymnastics"; Krystal M.

Ling, "Home, Sweet Home"; Michelle Matthews, "4th of July"; Ryan Mattingly, "Concert"; Sami Pena, "From the Profundity Below"; Jeff Pinley, "The Human Drive"; J.P.

Roa, "A Dangerous Night"; Elizabeth Ronson, "I am Me!"; Allison Stuart, "My Line"; Ray Vines, "Paintball"; and Jaimie Yell, "Never-Ending."

Freshmen – Jared Bohn, "Max"; Kristyn Hamer, "Make-Up is the Bomb"; Michael Joshua Hendrix, "Time"; Sara Medved, "Friends"; Andrew Meyer, "Opposites Attract"; Stephanie Owen, "Nascar"; Tania Paracha, "My Thoughts"; Tiffany Rhodes, "I Love Rain"; Diana Ruiloba, "The Ocean"; Danielle Scroggins, "My Friends"; and Arikka Utz, "The Girl on the Oak Tree Swing."