Crews move power poles as part of improvement district project

Crews from Citizens Arizona Electric, soon to be UniSource Energy Services, Inc., moved power poles along Louise Avenue this week closing the street to traffic during work hours.

Kingman city engineer Pete Johnson said some poles were moved to make room for curbs and sidewalks and clear intersections.

The work is part of a massive city infrastructure project in the area.

Work along Pasadena Avenue on the northern boundary of the East Golden Gate Improvement District is complete Johnson said.

Southern Avenue construction along the southern boundary is completed with a paved street running west to Van Buren Street.

A short section west of Eastern Street was unimproved.

The entire curb, sidewalk and paving work on Eastern Street is complete except at the intersection with Louise Avenue.

The work on Louse Avenue includes lowering the intersection to match the curbs, pavement and sidewalks that will be constructed along the street.

Johnson said most water and sewer work is complete except on Chambers and Louise avenues.

Johnson expects the $3.8 million project to extend beyond the contracted July 21 completion date.

Some of the utility work caused construction delays.

"We have not received any formal request from the contractor for an extension of time," he said.

Desert Construction, a Kingman contractor, was awarded the $3,791,116 project and is doing the entire above-ground street, curb and sidewalk work.

Freiday Construction, another Kingman company, is the subcontractor for all the underground installation of sewer and water lines.

Water, sewer, paving, curbs and gutters and sidewalks are being built throughout the area from Southern Avenue to Pasadena Avenue and between Railroad and Eastern streets.

The owners of the 533 parcels in the East Golden Gate Improvement District had an opportunity to pay cash for their improvements prior to sale of bonds for the construction costs.

Bond payments will be spread over 15 years for the remaining property owners

City billing is for interest only in June and interest plus the annual payment in December.

Mortgage companies will usually work with homeowners to collect monthly payments in an escrow account.

"The proposed improvements include water and sewer extensions to serve all properties within the district, grading, paving, curbs and sidewalks for streets within the East Golden Gate addition and grading, paving, curbs or curb and gutter on Eastern, Southern and Harrod Way," said Johnson.

Paving streets within the East Golden Gate Improvement District would provide access to 533 housing sites with sewer hookups, water and sidewalks.

Several new homes are currently under construction within the improvement district boundaries.

City Manager Roger Swenson said Kingman has a good program to work with property owners on payments for the improvements.

The city's interest is to make water, sewer and street improvements in the city as a service to residents and do not want to own anyone's property, he said.

Swenson said the city has 500 owners of properties from other improvement districts currently making bond payments.

The assessment and billing process is handled by the city.

The East Golden Gate Improvement District is the largest ever built in Kingman.

The improvement district is usually initiated by homeowners in the residential area and provides a way to get street, sidewalk and sewer improvements in an area with financing property owners can more easily afford.

The Kingman City Council often suggests homeowners asking for improvements to get together with neighbors to form a district.