Judicial employees to receive mid-year training

The Mohave County court system next week will be host for a mid-year court and probation conference with a continuing goal of training its judicial staff.

Court and probation employees are required by the state Supreme Court to complete 16 hours of job-related training each year, Superior Court personnel manager Linda Yarbrough said.

"Our goal to for our people to be competent in the work we do and to provide quality customer service to the people," Yarbrough said.

Classes will be about communication and customer service skills and help employees keep up with current court issues, legal issues and ethics.

Having the training locally instead of sending people to Phoenix also saves time and money.

Mohave County has about 230 employees in its probation department and the justice and Superior courts.

About 100 employees are signed up for each day of class, Yarbrough said.

The training will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Palo Christi Elementary School.

Other courses will be about drug awareness, gang information, juvenile law, sexual harassment prevention and workplace violence, Yarbrough said.

Class instructors come from Mohave County Superior Court, the county probation department and the county attorney's office, the Bullhead City Police Department, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Arizona Counties Insurance Pool, along with Maricopa County Superior Court.