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2:31 PM Thu, Jan. 17th

Pet Protection receives dog food donation

A donation of 45,000 pounds of dog food will go a long way toward feeding the 186 dogs Diana Moll and her team of volunteers at the Pet Protection shelter feed every day.

Moll, the founder and operator of the Pet Protection Organization, where no animal is abandoned or put to death, said she is "thrilled," with the donation.

The organization received the dog food from the Nestles Purina Company in Flagstaff.

"We produce dog food under the Kmart brand name and since they went bankrupt here in Flagstaff we have a surplus of food in our warehouse," said Will Chavez, a shipping and receiving clerk at Nestles Purina.

Chavez said the company has donated dog food to Pet Protection twice during the past few years.

"They donated 45,000 pounds in 1999 and 9,000 pounds a year later, Moll said.

"The first time I had no help with the food and it took me 12 hours to unload it myself."

Moll had help this time.

Friends with trucks picked up the food in Flagstaff and delivered it to a local construction company, where it will stored temporarily.

A local hardware store sent over a man driving a forklift to unload the pallets of dog food, dog biscuits and dog treats Thursday.

Moll goes through about 500 pounds of dog food a day at the shelter and provides a "dog food bank" for people who "are between paychecks and need to feed their pets.

"I would rather see someone come to us for food than get rid of the animal," she explained.

This latest donation will last for about a year, allowing her the concentrate on other matters.

"Now we don't have to worry about food for awhile," she said.

"This will allow us to get five or six animals a month spayed or neutered rather than just one or two."

Moll said she currently has close to 200 animals at the shelter, including females nursing litters of puppies, about a dozen cats, roosters and two timber wolves, which she is boarding to bring in extra money for the shelter.

Moll said the shelter still needs donations to pay for spaying and neutering of all the animals.

Pet Protection, located at 7729 Sanctuary Road on five acres of land at mile marker 49 on U.S.

Highway 93, is a no-kill animal shelter specializing in animal adoptions.

To find out more call 753-3408.