City to study use of old kennel

The Kingman City Council plans to consider a group's request to reopen the city's old animal shelter after getting more information about zoning and health concerns.

Mutt Matchers and Friends, a new no-kill animal shelter group, has asked the council to lease the old shelter for use as an adoption facility for animals from the Mohave County Animal Shelter.

It is across the street from the county shelter and next door to the food bank in the 900 block of Buchanan Street near Southside Park.

"The county shelter euthanizes 6,000 animals per year, 16 per day," Mutt Matchers vice president Lillian Pulliam said.

"We want to save those that would make good family pets."

The council asked City Manager Roger Swenson to bring a report to the May 19 meeting and to direct the Kingman Planning and Zoning Commission to begin the rezoning process.

The council would waive the zoning fees.

Planning and zoning staff have indicated the property is now zoned open space and would need to be zoned industrial with a conditional use permit for a shelter.

The food bank is just a few feet away in another city building, and health issues would need to be examined.

"People who live in the area should have the opportunity to express themselves during a normal zoning process," Mayor Les Byram said.

Councilman Jim Baker urged quick approval so the Mutt Matchers could begin operations.

"These people are ready to rock and roll," he said.

Councilman Frank McVey said animals taken to the county shelter are not given much time for adoption.

The shelter has a capacity for 40 animals and handles 2,000 more animals than guidelines indicate as capacity.

"A wonderful pet could be taken to the shelter by someone moving away or from someone no longer able to care for the pet," McVey said.

"The pet could be euthanized within 24 hours."

During Monday's council meeting, Pulliam said her group would be selective and that all animals would be vaccinated, spayed or neutered before adoption.

Mutt Matchers would cover the fees.

"We have full support of vets in town and 2,000 signatures from people supporting us," Pulliam said.

More than 30 members of the group attended the council meeting.

"We intend to do this right and be here a long time," Pulliam told the council.

"We are willing to wait for the city to go through the proper processes."